Secretary of Jiangxi visited the poor households site called Luxinshe cadres phone remonstrate

Secretary of Jiangxi visited the poor households site called Luxinshe cadres phone in September 13th, the provincial Party Secretary Lu Xinshe in Jing Zhu Shan Cun Da Jing Lin Chang Jinggangshan city visited condolences poor households Li Donglin. Photo by reporter Liang Zhentang Lu Xinshe stressed that precise poverty alleviation, the core is precise, the key in the implementation. We should take the party, responsibility to the people and a sense of mission, vigorously carry forward the spirit of Jinggangshan, stepping stone to stay in India, there are traces of iron grip style, hundred-percent to implement poverty alleviation of the deployment, do the work is done carefully, determined not to let a poor households in the synchronous well-off journey behind. Random selection of poor households, on-site verification of the work of helping cadres…… In September 13th, the Jinggangshan provincial Party committee secretary of the investigation is with such a temporary Luxinshe examination, the province once again to announce that he attaches great importance to the style of construction, that he improved the confidence and determination to further strengthen the work style of cadres and. On the same day, Luxinshe in Jing Zhu Shan Cun Da Jing Lin Chang Jinggangshan city and visit the poor Luo Guifa, asked the local village cadres: "there is no more difficult than the poor Luo GUI rich households?" Local cadres replied: Yes, I immediately call contact." Luxinshe waved his hand, said: "do not touch, you brought me the past now, I want to see the real situation." Apart from hundreds of meters away from the poor Li Donglin is busy at home and saw someone come to went out. And near, recognized is the provincial Party Secretary Lu Xinshe, Li Donglin very excited. This is a mottled adobe house, on the wall, a crack clearly visible. "I come to your house to see how you live." Luxinshe said, as he and Li Donglin together into the house. Where is the housing, which is the kitchen, there is no cable TV, the house is not dangerous…… Luxinshe one room to another oexamine, careful inquiry. How much income, subsistence allowances, financial bonus gold bamboo tending…… And Li Donglin sit on a bench, Luxinshe a way of income. He picked up Li Donglin’s card book, carefully check each income and expenditure. See the amount not much surplus account, Luxinshe frown. He told the local cadres said that Li’s lack of labor force, and the family must be disabled, precise measures and policies so that they have a stable and sustainable source of income. Looking at the poor households out of poverty file card, Luxinshe site "test" of the Li Donglin: "what is the name of contact your home cadres?" "He Guiqiang!" Li Donglin answered truthfully. "Will he come to your house? What are you doing for you?" "Will come home to help solve some difficulties." "Here’s his number. Do you usually call him? Can you make it through?" "Generally do not fight, but difficulties will call." "Let’s give him a call!" Luxinshe said, let the leadership of Ji’an city site called the cadres, deputy director Lin Dajing He Guiqiang phone, came to say a check to check the temporary check. Who are the poor people you contact?" "How many people are there in his family?"" "What are the main difficulties?" "A few people collar subsistence allowances?" "How long are you, Shi Jianyong相关的主题文章: