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Scenic part of Wuhan emergency kits have expired medicine inspection teams quickly replaced remind Washington (reporter Tang Yu correspondent Bai Yufeng Yu Mengling Duan Chenchen) 17, governance Yung office fifth inspection group "tourism supervision", to the Jianghan District Hanyang District, town and found some scenic details of services are not in place, commonly used drugs some of the scenic tourist center is equipped with expired. At the 3A level scenic spot Hanyang Qingchuan Pavilion, the Ombudsperson found in the scenic tourist center opened for tourists is equipped with emergency medicine, some drugs already more than valid, one box of alcohol sterilized cotton expires in August 2013, and a box of Kyushin Pills available in early October 2012 has expired. Scenic responsible person said, will immediately replace all expired drugs, and other problems found by the inspectors to carry out rectification. In Zhongshan Park, the supervisor in the tourist service center also found that, for tourists with the drug has expired, a box of "shidishui" last January has expired. In the 4A District of Hanyang Guiyuan Buddhist Temple scenic area, visitors to the inspector Temple reflect fewer parking spaces, parking inconvenience. In this regard, the Hanyang district business and Tourism Bureau official said, the new parking lot 25 fully completed this month, the new parking spaces to meet the daily needs of the parking lot of tourists. In Wuhan Museum, the inspectors found the museum’s fire equipment cabinet is locked can not open. The staff explained that the lock is to prevent to visit children open, "if an emergency to use, can break the glass to the cabinet". Inspectors also found that the museum did not see the emergency channel emergency lights, there is no emergency evacuation signs. Inspectors along the corridor down the stairs, an electric rolling gate blocking the exit. Staff said that due to the museum has a certain security requirements, the safety of the door is generally closed by the remote control switch. "If the fire caused by the power failure remote control, safe passage doors locked, why people escape from?" The face of the inspector’s inquiry, the staff said it would immediately study the program for rectification. The inspection team said, will make unannounced visits found reported to the problem of governance Yung office and related departments, supervise the daily supervision and management of scenic standards in place.相关的主题文章: