Samsung mobile phone explosion door 47 days late recall of Internet users buy it (video) popkart

Samsung mobile phone explosion door: 47 days late recall of Internet users buy it? Apple: "I’m out 7." HUAWEI: "I’m out 9." Samsung: "I am out of the deep fried." Apple: "or else". HUAWEI: "or else". This is the Samsung mobile phone has been exposed after the explosion of a piece, widely circulated on the Internet today, by netizens "spoof" into a "grenade" Samsung Note7, finally ushered in the ending. In October 11th, Samsung announced the global stop selling Galaxy Note7 intelligent mobile phone, Samsung (China) investment company limited to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan, sales in the mainland Chinese recall all this series of mobile phone, a total of 190984 units, including the September 14, 2016 announcement for the first time the recall of 1858 sets of products. So far, the Samsung battery door event in the past 47 days, the user said, I suggest you shutdown disable". One hundred day was declared dead by the end of October 12, 2016, cy opinion monitoring room monitoring to information related to public opinion about the Samsung explosion of a total of 246497 articles, including news 57004, App news 22070, 22053, 816 pieces of paper media forum, micro-blog original 26132, issued 52309 and WeChat 41266, 8829 blog articles, video 2160, foreign media 4656, other 9202. The amount of discussion and heat continued. This negative news ridden smartphone, the advent of less than a hundred days. August 26th, Beijing Hotel golden hall, Samsung Note7 conference solemnly held. According to media reports, the amazing effect of the stage filled with the entire conference space, a sense of something as the theme of the title is also used to suspend the subtitles in the scene showed. However, just two days before the launch of the Chinese mainland, South Korea’s well-known mobile phone forum has released a number of suspected Note7 explosion pictures. At the beginning of September, the world discovered at least 35 Samsung Note7 explosion report. In September 2nd, Samsung held a press conference in Seoul, said it would recall the Galaxy Note7 intelligent mobile phone sold worldwide, and stop the sale of Galaxy Note7 has been on sale in the market, including the United States, South Korea and other 10 countries and regions, and Chinese market were excluded. South Korea’s Samsung Electronics discriminatory policy, immediately aroused dissatisfaction of Chinese consumers. The topic has become the focus of heated debate, Samsung has previously issued discriminatory policies are subject to many Chinese consumers condemned. In September 14th, Samsung is China quality inspection administration interviewed, announced the recall of 1858 Note7 mobile phone in Chinese later. According to CCTV news reports, after the Canadian investment bank statistics, in 2015 Samsung smartphone sales accounted for 23.96% of total global sales, Apple Corp ranked the world’s total sales accounted for second of the total of 17.2%. In 2014, Samsung won the first place in the Chinese market sales. Samsung as one of the important markets, only 1858 mobile phones in China, many netizens believe that samsung.相关的主题文章: