Return to the classic stand-alone PVE play Orc must die today does not delete files brock lesnar

Return to the classic single PVE play "orcs must die" today does not delete files 7.8 CGWR score novice card booking | orcs must die area Sina game   news; news November 1st, Tencent, the world’s first 3D team defense strategy games "orcs must die" test does not delete files open. And several times before the test is not the same, this time the "orcs must die" return to the classic stand-alone PVE games, and joined the skeleton scoring system, guild system elements, to restore the original fun tower defense game 3D. The new game scoring system of the guild system on-line over the same period the "orcs must die" does not delete files test to optimize the PVE game player experience, to restore the "orcs must die" single series skeleton scoring system, after the game player at the end of the game, the system will be evaluated according to the star game player in the game, the remaining points is more fractured the faster the clearance time, star rating is also higher. Players will be completed after the first assessment of the stars will get a one-time star rating and additional experience value, when the challenge again over the last assessment of the star, will get a one-time bonus. In addition to the optimization of personal experience, the game also introduces a team mechanism. When the player reaches a certain level, you can use the skeleton to create your own guild, or join other guilds. Each guild has its own guild guild chat channel, all members can communicate, share and discuss tactics, at the same time, guild members can invite each other between team games. The game mode of comprehensive optimization of the three team three challenge the "orcs must die" does not delete files test a lot of adjustments in the play, the game mode also complies with the launch of the new version of the corresponding optimization. The test does not delete files of the game mode is divided into survival mode, endless and weekly challenges three, while team mode by a team of up to 5 people to change the team for a maximum of 3 people. The survival mode and endless challenges in the level will be randomly unstable cracks, if in a certain period of time to break the crack can be stopped to open it, otherwise there will be additional orcs out of the cracks. In the survival mode on the gameplay is divided into 5 difficulty, the players in the clearance of a difficulty, to reach the specified level to unlock the next difficulty. The weekly challenge limit players choose to use the designated hero, designated trap, but also according to the players to challenge the rankings, players enjoy the fun of the game at the same time, but also through the list to prove their strength. More innovation simultaneously launched a new version of the game to enjoy a new era of "orcs must die in a trap" synthesis has many different game player in the completion of any level or open the chest can get a trap card, the card has accumulated a certain number of rear can synthesis or enhanced trap; a total of 7 different order trap, trap or order required the trap card number; trap in 3 order, 5 order and 7 order can further improve the ability to trap added components. The new version of game player in addition to check their personal information through the new game player information button to cancel more hero level restrictions, retaining only the upper limit of 100 level account level, let the game player cut the road more clearly..相关的主题文章: