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Mobile-Cell-Phone Premium SMS is a type of mobile offering that allows people to access messaging-based services like content downloads, chats, polls, mobile sweepstakes, and much more. While most people use premium SMS for recreational purposes, there are some very practical uses for premiums SMS. These include subscriptions for stock information updates, weather updates, and movie schedule listings. With each succeeding year, analysts are seeing significant increases in the consumption of premium SMS services. Most of these revenues have gone to .panies which have invested in promoting brands through this new dynamic mobile experience. Part of the success of premium SMS services has plenty to do with its evolution from being a simple mobile messaging novelty to a useful, data-on-demand technology. While the internet changed the way information was made available to users, premium SMS is making information even more accessible by making it readily available to devices that are, literally, always at hand. .panies that offer information services and media downloads have traditionally relied on the internet to deliver their products. But it also makes a lot of sense to provide them through mobile handsets because they are more prevalent and accessible than .puters. Content providers see premium SMS as a fast and easy way to deliver content and an easy way to bill customers for their purchases. For consumers, premium SMS is the fastest way to get the latest content whenever they want it. An increasing demand for personalizing mobile handsets, especially among the younger population, is another factor driving premium SMS revenues. Media .panies who need to bring their brands to the mass market should seriously consider utilizing premium SMS in their marketing methods. Premium SMS is affordable, easy to deploy and provides an extremely wide reach. As was noted in a recent survey conducted by Sprint, 81 percent of women and 75 percent of men personalize their mobile phones. Clearly there is an excellent opportunity for .panies to take advantage of premium SMS. Premium SMS has enormous potential in marketing. However, choosing a premium SMS provider is not always easy. There are a number of players out there providing services that appear to be similar with each other. What qualities should one look for in a mobile services provider to ensure a successful mobile marketing campaign? Partnering with the right mobile messaging .pany is pivotal to your success. Here are a few questions you should ask: 1.) Are the services they offer .petitively priced and reliable? Can they offer you a demo of their offerings? What if you have more sophisticated needs in the future? Can the .pany ac.modate this? Does the .pany offer a wide range of premium SMS services? 2.) Does the .pany provide intuitive tools to manage your premium SMS campaigns? Are these tools easy to use, even for non-technical people? What about the level of customer service the .pany provides? 3.) Is the .pany reputable? Does the .pany have a roster of important clients? Are you dealing with a .pany that is an expert in the industry? Remember that choosing the right provider will ensure your success in mobile marketing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: