Pink Diamonds Sydney Legacy And

Jewelry-Diamonds Australia produces almost 90% of the Pink diamonds Sydney in the world. The main storehouse of the pink diamonds in Australia is the Argyle Mines in the remotest of corners of the North Western Australia. The growing demands of the designer jewellery Sydney has led to a greater use of the non traditional jewels and gems like Pink diamonds. Pink diamonds are one of the rarest qualities of diamonds and they can cost as much as one million per carat. They are a type two diamonds that do not get their color from the natural impurities but from a process called as Plastic deformation. The type II diamonds have the specialty of having very few nitrogenous impurities. The color of these diamonds .es from the structural deformities and anomalies that arise during the growth of crystal and is known as plastic deformation. It is well known that diamonds are formed under extreme pressure and sometimes this pressure leads to special structures that appear Pink, red or brown colored diamonds. Pink diamonds are very rare and therefore very expensive. They have been a favorite amongst the celebrities and they have used them in engagement rings Sydney. There is a variety of Pink diamonds that were found in the world. Here is a list of them: 1.Pink Panther: This is the most famous pink diamond in the world and it became world famous in the year 1964. The diamond lovers know how and why? 2.Darya I Nur: This is another very famous type of pink diamond. The largest of its type has been estimated to be between 175 and 200 carats. No need to ask about imagining the price! It is found in the Iranian royal jewels and is also one of the oldest known stones to mankind. 3.Steinmetz Pink Diamond: This one is about 60 carats. It was discovered in South Africa. It was shown in a public gathering in the 2003 in Monaco. It is said that it took the efforts of about 20 jewelers to make this diamond internally. It is known to be one of the most flawless pieces of precious stones the world has ever known. 50 models were made before beginning the main cutting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: