Pgis Imeet Wins Award-puritans pride

The people have spoken and PGi iMeet came out on top! It was only a few short days ago that PGis most recent innovation, iMeet, was granted the honor of receiving the Peoples Choice Steve Award for Favorite New .puter Service at the 2011 American Business Awards reception. In addition to taking home the Favorite New .puter Service trophy, iMeet also was given a finalist nod in the category of .puter Services for the New Product or Service of the Year. Needless to say PGi couldnt be more thrilled and they have every reason to be. PGi has designed and created iMeet to reinvent conferencing as we know it. The goal of PGi iMeet is to end the days of bad meetings, and make simple, user-friendly conferencing easily accessible to everyone, everywhere. With PGi iMeet no matter where you are around the world you and up to 15 invited guests can converse through your .puter or mobile device in virtual online meeting rooms that do not require any downloads or fees for your meeting guests. Additional Information For more information on PGi iMeet and other conferencing solutions that can help save your business money while increasing productivity, contact one of our professional account managers today! Recover Deleted Photos Galaxy S5 By: Gloria Philips – Would you like to Recover Photos, Contacts, SMS from Samsung Galaxy S5 with Samsung Galaxy S5 file recovery on .uter? Tags: How To Recover Texts From Iphone 6 By: Gloria Philips – There are many various kinds of situations that lead to a person asking the most popular question of ‘how can one recover deleted text as well as other data from an apple iphone device’. Tags: Iphone Data Recovery By: Gloria Philips – Just a few days ago, I spotted a fellow walking along the sidewalk, staring intently at his hands. Tags: How To Recover Deleted Photos By: Gloria Philips – Android continues to be number 1 option for many users. However, Android data loss also appears to be a far more .mon issue than before. Most of the Android users are troubled when they had deleted photos and videos stored on … Tags: Security Through Segways And Iphone Protectors By: vikram kumar – Security cannot be .promised. Security is used to protect people or anything because it is valuable. Aside from the people we elect or hire as security personnel such as in an establishment, or someone who will escort importa … Tags: Segways And Iphones, World"��s Greatest Inventions By: vikram kumar – Segways can be considered as one of the best inventions in the world at all time. With its usage as transportation, it makes life easier. It can also be used in sports such as polo, golf, racing, or in leisure such as in road t … Tags: Implementing Avaya Business Phone Systems: Faq By: Seth Thompson – Businesses often ask the questions above prior to the implementation of Avaya business phone systems. If you have additional questions that need answers before you move forward with installing the new phone network, contact a c … Tags: Four Ways That Avaya Support Services Can Reduce It Costs By: Seth Thompson – There are several ways that a provider of Avaya support services can help your .pany save money by providing hosted support or managed support for the telephone system: reduced need for in house IT technicians, lower phone sy … Tags: Choosing An Avaya Partner In Chicago: Avoiding Poor Customer Service By: Seth Thompson – There could several signs that an Avaya partner in Chicago may not offer the best customer services, with the signs above being some of the most .mon ones. To ensure that they choose the right Avaya provider, some .panies h … Tags: Best Japanese Language Institute In Delhi Ncr By: Ashish123 – World is quite .petitive therefore extra skills are key to success. Looking at the current scenario, it is always a good to have the understanding of two or three languages, but before choosing which language you should learn … Tags: 相关的主题文章: