PetroChina Iran project first ship 2 million barrels of crude oil shipped back to China-mp7a1

The oil project in Iran ship 2 million barrels of crude oil shipped back to Tehran in October 24, China Xinhua (reporter Mu Dong) Chinese Petroleum Corporation cooperation projects in the Iran ship 2 million barrels of crude oil in 24 Chinese shipping back to Iraq in recent years, marking the energy cooperation mode to successfully enter the buyback contract cost recovery stage. It is reported that Iran is located in the border area between Iraq and North will project is the oil in the Iran Iraq border area overseas oilfield development projects, but also the oil in the middle east main investment cooperation projects. In October 2015, North azamethonium will put into trial operation in oil field. In April this year, the project officially launched crude oil, the annual production of crude oil 4 million tons, to enhance the share of Iran crude oil exports. September, PetroChina and Iran reached an oil recovery agreement, agreed to the first batch of 3 million barrels of crude oil in October by the Chinese side of the extraction of the two batch. Second ship 1 million barrels of crude oil will be shipped by the end of October. Since the project started in the north between Gan, oil exert the advantages of integration, with high standards of oilfield development and construction quality, environmental protection, cost control, breakthrough, by all parties in Iran positive evaluation, Iran became the first foreign cooperation projects won the local government issued environmental award model project.相关的主题文章: