Peach 2 light online leisure play first exposure 7470d

"Peach 2" light online leisure play first exposure novice card booking | peach 2 area lead: a 360 game exclusive agent "peach 2" round piece, determined to play the public to build a new light free new round. In order to let the game player can better experience the game, 360 game for the public to create near the the Peach Garden in the game for game player provides many light casual gameplay. The vegetables Master, stealing food and fishing spree all the fun games led to a series of light play, let the game player can not go out to enjoy the pastoral pleasures! [build love home to create around the Peach Garden] "peach 2" manor system has more than 100 kinds of decoration collocation, multiple apartment layout heart combination, more ancient, world of Xianju Lin Yuquan, four king, four king, warm island scenery to choose multiple manor. In the game there will be a different choice of housing units, luxury double up and down two floors, comfortable double living space. The more generous stage for shelter and practical. Make love for the family, to the dream garden, "peach 2" for you to create a new world! "Peach 2" beautiful home [the Peach Garden] Tachun fishing around to enjoy the spring Lanling flowers outing, summer in Yangzhou city stream, foot jump play lotus, autumn Jinghu mountain can bring friends across the waterfall battles, winter can make a snowman in the north, enjoy the moonlight, painting space poetic life, all in surprise, "peach 2". "Peach 2" beautiful scenes and happy life is the sun, fishing. Put a pot of wine, holding a fishing rod, in the "peach 2", come on, sit see the quiet life is unforgettable. With his friends with his fishing rod fishing, chatting, viewing, awfully! "Peach 2" fishing scene [the Peach Garden] free light belongs to the side in order to create a real the Peach Garden to the public, "" peach 2 built-in fun playground, is a dedicated to create leisure entertainment platform game player. Playground built a number of small games, play a variety of challenging and fun. Let the game player in the game at the same time also relax, enjoy the land of idyllic beauty! "Peach 2" light a leisure game, although can not change the world, but can let you meet the new world! "Peach 2", to bring you closer to the land of idyllic beauty! This round, do yourself! The new round of 2DMMORPG free light "peach 2" official website address > > > Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: