Paris Disneyland Disney detained guns man jailed for police removed the terrorist attack in Beijing-superrecovery

Paris Disneyland Disney detained "guns man jailed for police ruled out terrorist attack – Beijing, Beijing, February 3, according to foreign media reports, the Paris Disney Park" gunman "2, was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, suspended for 9 months, shall not take off the electronic foot ring in the first half, the police have ruled out the nature of the terrorist attack attack. The man in the court of the judge explained that he bought the first gun was a joke; Paris was a series of terrorist attacks after he bought second pistols. He told the judge that one of the cafes he operated in the fourteen District of Paris was open, and that second guns were purchased just in case. According to French media reports, the man is ready to move to the central city of French Creole Lang (Orlé ANS), his three year old son and his mother lived in this city. As for why the guns ready to not far from the Disney Park Hotel, he explained in court, he did not have guns at home or stay in the place of work, on the way to load the luggage. He didn’t expect to be measured by the instrument. When he woke up to the dream, four security personnel have surrounded him. He didn’t dare to turn away, also did not resist arrest. French police detained the man carrying two guns and ammunition in a hotel near Disney Park, Paris, on January 28th. The man has booked a hotel in New York for Disney. He arrived in the hotel on the same day, ready to go in. At the security checkpoint at the entrance of the hotel, security inspectors found suspicious objects in his luggage through the X ray machine. Confirmed, there are two semi-automatic pistols and two magazines and 20 bullets in his luggage, and a knife and turn this into French of the koran. The police immediately closed the hotel parking lot, send EOD personnel check his car. The police also detained a woman who thought she was the girl’s girlfriend or wife. However, the police later confirmed that there was no relationship between the two people, so the woman was released, while continuing to find the female partner of the man. The suspect is 28 years old, French, born in the suburbs of Paris. The man was arrested by the police for unlicensed driving, but not on the list of suspects in the counterterrorism department. French television night news headlines reported that men nearly gunmen broke into Paris Disney paradise news. According to the Justice Department, the man’s mental state is not normal.

巴黎迪士尼乐园被拘“双枪男”获刑 警方排除恐袭-中新网   中新网2月3日电 据外媒报道,巴黎迪士尼乐园“枪手”2日被判15个月徒刑,9个月缓期,半年中不得脱下电子脚环,警方排除了恐袭性质的袭击。   该男子在法庭对法官解释道,他买第一把枪是闹着玩的;巴黎遭连环恐怖袭击后他购置了第二把手枪。他对法官说,他在巴黎十四区经营的一个咖啡馆部分是露天营业,购买第二把枪是为了以防万一。   据法国媒体报道,这名男子正准备搬到法国中部城市奥尔郎(Orléans),他三岁的儿子和他母亲生活在这个城市。至于为什么把枪支准备带到离迪士尼乐园不远的酒店里,他在法庭解释,他并没有来得及把枪支留在家中或留在工作地点,就顺便装入了行李中。他没料到会被仪器测出来。当他醒过梦儿来时,四名安检人员已经围住了他。他没敢转头逃跑,也没有拒捕。   法国警方1月28日在巴黎迪士尼乐园附近的一家酒店入住处拘留这名携带两支枪及弹药的男子。   这名男子先前预订了迪士尼乐园的纽约酒店客房。他当天驾车抵达酒店,准备入住。在酒店入口的安检处,安检人员通过X光机发现他的行李里有可疑物品。经确认,他的行李里有两把半自动手枪以及两个弹匣和20发子弹,还有一把刀和一本翻成法文的古兰经。警方立即封闭了酒店停车场,派遣排爆人员检查他驾驶的车。   警方还拘留了一名女子,认为她是这名男子的女友或妻子。不过,警方稍后确认,两人之间没有关系,因而释放了这名女子,同时继续寻找当事男子的女性同伴。   嫌疑男子现年28岁,法国人,出生在巴黎郊区。这名男子曾因无照驾驶被警察逮捕,不过不在反恐部门的嫌疑人名单上。法国电视台当晚新闻头条报道了男子险些持枪闯入巴黎迪士尼乐园的消息。据司法部门消息,这人精神状态不是很正常。相关的主题文章: