Official plan said in 2020 to reach the international advanced level of home appliances clothing-christie stevens

The official said that in 2020 the planning appliances clothing to reach the international advanced level in 2020 to the original title: household appliances clothing reached the international advanced level in China, according to Xinhua News Agency recently issued the relevant planning will be put forward, to 2020, the supply of basic consumer goods standard to meet growing consumer demand, a key area of consumer product quality reached the international advanced level. The quality of enterprise development endogenous power continued to improve, the well-known consumer goods brand value increased dramatically. Tian Shihong, director of the China National Standardization Management Committee was held in 26, the State Council policy briefing on the routine. The plan also proposed, to 2020, key areas of major consumer goods international standard consistency degree up to more than 95%, consumer products quality supervision and inspection qualified rate is more than 90%, consumer product quality competitiveness index stabilized at more than 84. Planning closely around the outstanding quality, consumer demand and industry development focus on the general field of consumer goods, promote household appliances, consumer electronics, Home Furnishing decoration products, apparel products, the elderly and disabled maternal and child supplies, cosmetics and daily use standard chemicals, stationery and sports leisure products, traditional culture, food and other key products the field and improve the quality of the work. Tian said that in recent years, China’s consumer goods standardization and quality work to speed up the existing national standards for consumer goods and industry standards have been filed nearly 6000, the gradual establishment of consumer goods standard system. However, consumer product standards and quality is difficult to meet the people’s growing consumer demand, consumer goods supply structure is not reasonable, the market competitiveness of the brand is not strong enough, the consumption environment needs to be improved, the domestic consumer confidence needs to be further improved. To this end, the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine jointly with the relevant departments of the drafting of the plan. According to reports, the main task of planning the standard including the reform of supply system, optimize the supply structure of the standard, the implementation of enterprise quality responsibility, reinforce the quality of basic consumer goods industry, strengthen consumer goods brand building, improve and optimize the market environment, to guarantee the quality and safety of consumer goods, consumer goods import and export promotion quality etc.. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: