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Obama ordered the investigation involving more luck sanctions the United States and hinted the enterprise data figure: between North Korea and the China border city of Dandong bridge. (VOA radio website) reference news network September 30 news media said, the White House officially confirmed that the government of the United States on the export of nuclear materials to North Korea Chinese Dandong Hongxiang industrial development company limited sanctions, according to President Obama’s instructions. According to South Korea, "Asian daily" website reported on September 29th, which exposed the White House’s intention: the United Nations Security Council is to prevent North Korea’s new nuclear provocation and negotiate new sanctions, hoping to get Chinese assistance and effective achievement is different from the past. The United States also said it was working on a financial trading network that would not allow North Korea to use the world bank’s Association of financial communications, as well as a plan to get North Korea to withdraw from the world’s financial markets, which are traded on the basis of the dollar. The White House spokesman Josh · Ernest 27 at a regular briefing said that this is President Barack Obama’s intention is to further isolate North Korea, and North Korea to attempt to help individuals and institutions exert pressure. According to the Reuters reported on September 28th, the U.S. State Department is responsible for coordinating the sanctions against the DPRK’s Daniel · Fred 28 suggested, more Chinese enterprises due to alleged violations of sanctions resolution under the investigations, and said China banks and enterprises should be aware of dealing with North Korea "is very dangerous". At a congressional hearing, when asked in the United States in 26 days on a Chinese enterprise after the imposition of sanctions, is still under investigation and some other China company, said Fred has no objection to this statement "". Washington accused Dandong Hongxiang Industrial Development Co. Ltd. to provide services for the north bright bank, the bank due to the diffusion of project of North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction by the United States and the United Nations sanctions. He refused to give any other under investigation Chinese enterprise name, but he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said: "we are actively investigating all possible targets…… 26 to take action clearly shows that we will violate the United States and the United Nations sanctions against Chinese sanctions resolutions." According to South Korea, Central Daily website reported on September 29th, the South Korean government diplomats 28, said: it is necessary to break the North Korean nuclear development by non military means. Only 90% of North Korea’s foreign trade can bring North Korea into pain." Dandong source said: "in addition to luck, mainly engaged in the business of the two in the freight company is under investigation authorities recently Chinese, one of the companies responsible person fled overseas." The South Korean government sources said: "we should find second, third luck, through cooperation with the United States to China sanctions." According to Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on September 28th, 28 U.S. government officials said that the relevant aspects of the United Nations Security Council consultations to limit China’s imports of coal and coal mines in North korea. Earlier, the United States Congress held hearings, some senators questioned North Korea’s main trading partner China in the end what kind of economic sanctions against North korea. U.S. officials say North Korea’s main coal"相关的主题文章: