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Note: the usage of infant skin care products can not be used together with   usage tips – Fashion – original title: Usage: infant skin care products can not be mixed usage also has a little know-how mothers "powder" attention is so used in summer is baby eczema and "red ass" period, in addition to the usual take a bath to keep the skin clean and dry, many mothers will choose to give the baby to daub talcum powder and other skin care products — so, what kind of baby skin care products can be assured to use, how to use? This reporter interviewed a number of industry experts and industry stakeholders faq. Remember the following key points, teach you safe and secure use of infant skin care products. Reporters in Nanjing some large supermarkets to see, talcum powder as raw material powder still occupy the mainstream online on the shelf, and talc safety "is Public opinions are divergent. — then talcum powder, what is the backing? It is reported that on the usage of talc and qualitative in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" has been recorded. Chinese medicine believes that talc with heat for heat, promoting urination effect, can use astringing dampness, is a kind of Chinese medicine. In addition, talcum powder is also used in toothpaste, cosmetics and other personal care products. Choose safe powder, mainly to see whether the highly purified talc powder. The talc itself is natural minerals, the natural state of the talc mixed other impurities, so the regular manufacturers also need to examine the impurity content, microbial standards and other projects; while the standard, nature is better. "Regular manufacturers of products are very strict testing of raw materials, especially infant products." Experts say. This reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of Johnson company, the company’s best selling baby powder for example, "every batch of raw material, we not only require suppliers to provide the test report, he also commissioned two inspection, from 2010 to the present more than and 300 batches of a fall, to ensure compliance with national standard purification". Reporters at the State Food and Drug Administration for the record database, Johnson found that raw materials powder reached pure medical talc powder. "Appropriate and professional infant skin care products to help protect the baby summer of Enron, reduce skin infection and other common symptoms." Experts said that the infant is best to use special products, do not use adult personal care products. "There are two factors, the first is the adult products strong irritant, such as shampoo, dandruff, adult function has certain stimulation is not suitable for infants; second toxicity criteria, infant self-care ability is low, such as love sucking fingers, then a man apparently is not suitable for the skin care products." Choose a special infant skin care products, look at the best choice of brands, not recommended "self-made" red net products, even if the same raw material suppliers, the microbial content and the production process is not guaranteed. The formal manufacturers, in addition to ensure safety of raw materials, products will be listed before the skin sensitization and irritation, eye irritation test and safety to ensure safety, but also through clinical evaluation to confirm the efficacy and tolerability of products. Finally, it should be reminded that, even if the use of medicinal grade raw materials, the use of the same process is not相关的主题文章: