Ningbo DIY people to create a personal third cars can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour-vidown

Ningbo DIY people to create a personal third cars can reach speeds of up to 80 km Wang Yongsheng and his eternal life, No. 3". Ningbo Yuyao low Tong Street neighborhood neighbors recently had a conversation with Wang Yongsheng — "out of his car third. As for Wang Yongsheng himself, is of great significance to the car, is a kind of "resolutely" choice of life. "When I made the first car, is a kind of hobbies; making second cars, a stick, want to persist in this hobby; died more than two years after the third cars, after careful consideration and determined, is resolutely choice." Wang Yongsheng said. Wang Yongsheng, 30 years old, Hubei, his father opened a small factory in Yuyao, engaged in ultrasonic plastic welding business. In 2008, Wang Yongsheng also came to Ningbo to work in his father’s factory. Speaking of reasons for their own cars, Wang Yongsheng told reporters that he was on the mechanical knowledge of interest, one day in 2011, he saw a neighbor of a new electric vehicle with four wheels through the door, it is the envy of. I asked the price, even more than 30 thousand yuan. At that time, I would like to have a home machine tools, welding machines and other equipment, not as good as their own. And my dad has a lot of hands-on skills and manufacturing skills." Father is also very supportive of Wang Yongsheng’s interests, the father and the son together to check the information on the Internet to buy accessories around the market, steel, batteries…… After a frustrating month, spent more than 6000 yuan, an American electric car SUV appearance was finally completed: single row two seats, many color, weighing about 200 kg, the maximum speed of 30 to 40 kilometers, sufficient power up to 100 kilometers. This is called "eternal life 1" homemade electric vehicles caused a sensation in the pond, onlookers. But a few days later, the depressing thing happened, the factory staff to open the car on the road, after being stopped by a traffic policeman — from the vehicle without a license, driving license, there are security risks, nature is not on the road. But my interest in, cars excitement and challenges facing, and solve the problems brought by the sense of achievement, has been deeply engraved in the memory of Wang Yongsheng. In September 2013, a year of deliberation "life 2" started, with a repairer experience Wang Yongsheng, this have become the protagonist, father in the side qiaobiangu". For this car, Wang Yongsheng also bought a waste pickup truck apart to study the structural. After a month of efforts, "life 2" basically completed: battery power, imitation pickup shape, with rounded corners, many colourful, single row two seat, car spare tire hanging. "At that time, second years and then intend to rebuild the third, in 2014, in 2015, but also under the determination of countless times, but because the factory is too busy, it has been delayed." Wang Yongsheng said, "but the more depressed this idea, this idea is more intense, more like some people are busy to set aside free to travel, not to say that everyone should have a poetry and distance, making for me is this. This is my N repairer determination, finally yi"相关的主题文章: