New Moon And Full Moon Days – Be In Tune With Moons Rhythms-sopor aeternus

Spirituality New Moon Day is the moment when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction, meaning that the Sun and Earth are on the opposite sides of the Moon. From Earth we can only see the dark as the illuminated side is towards the Sun. The Sun and Moon are said to be in ‘conjunction’. It is said that the Sun God and the Moon Goddess work aggressively together these days to destroy evil. No evil is tolerated. New Moons are times for introspection and spiritual matters. It is also a good time to begin new assignments and start medical treatments. The Full Moon is known as "Poornima" in Sanskrit. This Moon phase occurs during a lunar month when the Moon is opposite the Sun from Earth allowing maximum reflection of the Sun’s rays. It is said that the Sun God and the Moon Goddess are cooled down by the shower of the Full Moon rays which are the reflected Sun rays and in turn shower their blessings on Earth in the form of prosperity and joy. The Full Moon is an ideal time to create and manifest the material. The Moon is Queen Luminary The Moon is a luminary, as it reflects the light of the Sun. The Sun is the luminary, as it is the source of that light. Moon is the Queen of the Solar System where the Sun is the King. In Astrology, the Moon is the mind and the Sun is the self. The Moon is responsible for giving form to mental proclivity or ‘manas’. The Sun is soul, the ‘atma’, the centre from which life evolves. The Moon connects us to the world and to each other. While the Sun is the core self through which you find expression in the world, the Moon is the inner life that only close .panions get to experience. The Sun and the Moon together create time. We have solar calendars like the Gregorian calendar, the Vedic calendar, etc and the lunar calendars like the Islamic Calendar and the tide tables used mostly by Coastal Guards, the Navy and fishermen. Astrologically, the Moon has more magnetic power than the Sun. The Moon is the vehicle of the mind that receives the light from the Sun or soul. The Moon represents our inner nature and feeling, instinctive side. Whereas the Sun is the external, masculine portion of us, the Moon is the internal, feminine side, or yin principle. Cooperation or mutual direction of these two planets is hence vital for harmony and balance in life. Phases of the Moon Moon has two phases – the waxing phase and the waning phase The inner Moon diagrams show how the Moon reflects the light of the Sun during its orbit. The outer Moon diagrams show how we view the Moon from our vantage point on Earth. On Earth, we experience the influence of the Moon every moment of every phase due to its fluctuating nature. The Moon governs all water bodies- the oceans, lakes, ponds and our bodies since the 3/4th of the earth is surrounded by water. The Moon controls the tides and it controls our mind, specifically our right brain. Think of the mind itself as a lake. When it is clear and still, you can see deeply. i.e. it resembles our mind that when we are clear and still, our intuitive powers are at their strongest hence allowing us to see things clearly and deeply. If we throw a pebble into the lake, the reflective surface distorted, making our vision obscured. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: