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"New clothes" group of Oriental fashion circle goddesses fashion week stunning debut – Sohu Wang Likun, Zhang Li, Li Qin   entertainment Sohu; Oriental TV entertainment news "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes" are hot broadcast in the third season). This file was first guest "Fashion Queen", "Fan Bingbing Lin Chiling," lovely goddess temperament "goddess" Wu Xin, "the goddess makeup" Wang Likun, "handsome goddess" Zhang Li fashion show only broadcast four by netizens lively discussion. And to participate in the program, the designers, buyers should goddess together at New York fashion week, stunning styling highlights Oriental fashion. The "2017 New York fashion week has ended, this fashion week collected many Chinese movie star performers have appeared," the goddess makeup "Wang Likun was invited and participated in the three games brand show, usually on the screen all life and bring you fresh and elegant image of Wang Likun, this time to participate in the fashion week and presents a new visual change for everyone. The appearance of each set of clothing styles, or elegant, or capable with beautiful temperament. Make a change in my "new clothes" show Wang Likun to cater to a different theme each, out of "the goddess makeup" label, Wang Likun still stunning the audience. In September 14, 2016, TORY BURCH big show opening, handsome goddess Zhang Li back to the scene. Zhang Li, a handsome and elegant appearance of the dress, to the scene to bring an elegant wind. In "my new clothes" on the stage is always bursting with her boyfriend Zhang Li’s fashion week is bold, several sets of LOOK are very amazing. Goddess of the design is also very valuable experience of the trip. Second assist the goddess Wang Ou in the Milan fashion week on the stunning debut, slits under black silk dress dressed, wearing her diamonds at the dinner, the Eastern women’s elegant charm and modern combination show it to the world, become a major highlight of the event. Remove the third quarter of the three goddesses participating, "Bea Hayden dress" second season also low-key appearance fashion week. Attend along with ELLE Trussardi2017 and Bea Hayden big show is very dazzling. After attending the "new clothes" program, we can often see the figure of Bea Hayden in the major fashion week. The design has a unique concept of the highest price she also hit the program, but also friends affectionately known as Guo Sanqian". And "my new clothes" is the designer, buyers gathered in the fashion week. Xu Fengli, Zheng Lingling, Jiangnan buyers in New York, Paris, appeared in the Milan fashion week. The dragon lantern is held a 15 bit CHINA CALLING support activities of domestic designers in Milan. And Wang Ou’s designer partner, from South Korea’s Yohan Kim also surprise appeared.相关的主题文章: