Network transmission men park take away Heron two national animal protection department –

The man in the park. The new network transmission network – Animal Protection Department of state two in the newspaper news (reporter Li Jiarui) yesterday, a bird protection message widely circulated on the internet. A man (pictured) caught a heron in Orson Park, then put the car away. The heron belongs to the two national animal protection, the news caused a large number of bird lovers attention, they have condemned the behavior of men. The news spread on the Internet a lot of love birds. The message said, 3 points in the afternoon of August 23rd, the Beijing Olympic Park in the North Forest Park north of Qinghe water, there is a wild animal hunting young man. He may be in the water under the trap, caught a heron. Then the man down the river, the heron installed in the car after leaving. At the time of the opposite side of the river to take photographs of several photographers have been shouting, but also useless. News that the man was put into a grey heron car trunk, the car drove off. Then the man on a gray van sped away. Because of the rush, was not able to take the license plate number. The reporter saw the man in the photo is not very old, barefoot, a laptop with shoes, the other hand pinched neck heron. After this message is issued, the bird is a large number of volunteers to protect the birds widely forwarded. Reporter tried to find the original photo, but failed to find. The volunteers told reporters that the heron belongs to the two national animal protection, mainly inhabit the shore and shallow water in the rivers and lakes. Although there are volunteers to report to the police, but because there is no license plate number, can not be further investigated. Many bird bird protection volunteers said, if the man is really like the news said, with the clip to catch the heron, it should condemn him. J240相关的主题文章: