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Network drama "Survivor" is about to launch the   Qin Ming ridicule himself " " survivors; – entertainment channel — original title: network drama "Survivor" is about to launch the "Survivor" stills to forensic Qin Ming novels conquered millions of readers by medicine Qin Ming, recently his "Survivor" Fifth also meet with readers. It is reported that, according to the forensic Qin Ming series of novel adaptation of the network drama, starring Zhang Ruoyun, Jiao Junyan, will soon broadcast. Yangzi Evening News reporter yesterday in an interview, Qin Ming ridicule himself a "Survivor", because the forensic industry high strength fast pace of work, so many young recruits are difficult to operate: "China has a population of about 1300000000, but the National Forensic together, may be only more than 20 thousand people, this is me one of them." It is precisely because the public misunderstanding of forensic, let Qin Ming started four years ago in a series of novels creation forensic Qin Ming Road, in a series of novels, he will own as a forensic real experience into the plot of the novel, in the description of a murder scene at the same time, will also be difficult and forensic high risk working environment show in front of everyone. To his relief, because of these novels, forensic industry has received more attention, the understanding of more and more voices. As a series of fifth novels, "Survivor" describes a forensic team uncovered a serial murder after Qin Ming said that the serial murder is very rare in reality, the seemingly bizarre death case but appeared in other units, but in reality really happened, in fact if a prevent some cases the heart may be avoided. Most readers will have to see the scene of the Qin Ming novels for many years, have expressed themselves in the read this book, security awareness has been greatly improved. Yangzi Evening News (reporter Cai Zhen, Lu Wen: commissioning editor Li Yan)相关的主题文章: