Nanny cut toenails to his baby plug a clamp to be photographed also denied-stand by me shinee

Nanny cut toenails to his baby plug a clamp to be photographed also denied that pick up the remote call nanny baby face. Nail clippers with nail clippers. After the cut to the baby, the baby got the nail clippers to the mouth plug. Because there is no man with children, Ms. Shenzhen hired a nanny through the familiar Yuesao, did not expect the nanny to work less than ten days, was hit by the baby face remote monitoring photographed, nail clippers for the baby to eat freshly cut toenails. Recently, Ms. Chen will monitor the video sent to the Internet, but when the nanny denied these acts. "The baby wrapped around me, may be frightened," Ms. Chen, please take this nanny surnamed Huang, 50 years old this year. At the beginning, the general impression of the nanny nanny, but the baby to see her smile, I feel that the nanny and baby have eye margin. Ms. Cheng said, "said nanny with children do not rest assured, how can I not know? But what is the way." "Give her salary is 4200 yuan, the bag eats, 26 days work. Work with the baby and do housework, do not have to take the baby to sleep at night, so she had nothing to eat dinner at night." Think to be the nanny Ms. meter good at doing housework also made concessions, do not tell the nurse can not do housework or they came back to say, the main thing is to bring the baby. Because it is an intermediary, the two sides have no contract agreement. Huang nanny woman in September 26th to plan to work on the 5 days after the class is the National Day holiday for 7 days, and then come back to work, October 8th. In October 9th, Ms. Chen found the baby a little wrong, especially wrapped around me, may be scared." Home TV equipped with a camera miss home baby is now 9 months old, at the beginning of this year, when the grandfather took, in order to have time to look at the baby, the TV set at home on the camera. October 9th evening, Ms. meter looked at the monitoring, claiming to have no sleep at night. The 4 section of the surveillance video provided by Ms. meter display, September 29th at half past two in the afternoon, the nanny on the phone, the baby with a bottle into the mouth; October 8th at 4:30 in the afternoon, the baby reluctant to eat with a spoon to feed the nanny, the last baby spits up; in October 9th, 12:30 in the afternoon, the baby is crying, nanny left baby, right hand picked up the remote hit baby face, hit two consecutive; October 9th at 12:50, the nanny cut foot nails with nail clippers, just cut to the baby, the baby got a nail into his mouth, playing in his hand. Wait until after dawn, I asked her why she hit my baby, she said no, I put the video to her, she did not speak, and then I said you look at how to deal with it, she packed up and left." Ms. Cheng said she was trying to smoke nanny. After the incident, Ms. Zhang will upload the video to micro-blog, directly with the nanny abuse baby such a statement. She said, to see such a scene is very sad, there are people who have children at home should not have the heart to let his family Bao Baoshou such grievances." The nanny denied the "abuse" Nandu reporter telephone contact Huang nanny, just that identity, she hung up the phone. Soon, Huang nanny responded with a message, denied the nail clippers with a remote control and hit the child cut your toenails to treasure)相关的主题文章: