Nanjing mountain is a big bag of Shogun bones police intervention (Figure) 9c8836

Nanjing mountain is a big bag of Shogun bones police intervention (Figure) graph is found on the mountain is the mountain of bones figure found bones found in the bones of the dead mountain figure for the original title: Nanjing Mufushan the bones of human bone, animal bones? More than 3 points to the police for further identification of the intersection point this afternoon, Xunshan in Gulou District of Nanjing city on the Mufushan Mr. Liu alarm, said in the mountains Shanglin found a snake skin bones of different lengths, I do not know whether it is human bone. Police immediately rushed to the scene, found in the bag with ten colored bones, seems to have quite a few years. At present, the police have investigated the scene, and the bones back to the police involved in the identification of these people in the end is bone, or bone. According to the police Master Liu introduced, he patrolled to the shogunate hill, found a snakeskin bag in the woods, thought what was lost here, ready to open the check. Unexpectedly, tying a snakeskin bag open, there is actually a pile of bones. The bones of different lengths, the thickness is different, he did not know the human bone. "If it is a beast, the party should be thrown away, it is necessary to retain such a long time?" Some questions about Mr. Liu, for fear that the other one, hurriedly call 110 alarm. The police rushed to the scene immediately after the alarm, Mr. Liu found in Mufu mountain after by Mr. Liu led the police to find the bones of the dead place. In the woods, the police saw the snakeskin bag, which does have some bones, looks should have been for many years. In the sack around, and scattered several pieces of bones. From the scene of the bones, some structure looks less like the shape of human bone, more like animal bones. But some bones look, but rather like a human arm, such as bone, just slightly thin. According to Mr. Liu, the place he often came to see, did not see what different, this is also in the afternoon to see the snakeskin bag. And found the snakeskin bag place, more remote, rarely come to this place to the people, basically no one. So, are these human bones, or bones? And who’s left here? The police have yet to be further identified. Currently, Qixia police are under investigation. Source: the intersection of the author: Mei Jianming editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: