Nanjing forest with half years discouraging 49 students read one semester was dropped out in Beijing imjpmig

Nanjing forest with half years discouraging 49 students read one semester was dropped out – drop out Beijing Nanjing Forestry University issued the decision. Source: nalinda official website in 2015, China’s higher education in the total size of up to 36 million 470 thousand people. Xinhua News Agency reporters Qin Ying and I prepared this autumn harvest season. This autumn, wasted the spring, and wasted the summer Wang Jun received a notice of Nanjing Forestry University, because he did not complete the provisions of the school, he dropped out of school treatment. As early as a year ago, the Nanjing Forestry University on the level 2012 students Wang Jun put forward the idea of dropping out of school, his mother took him to the school pleading, hoping to give the child a chance to stay on campus learning. In view of the health reasons, the school agreed to the king in the demotion probation for one year. However, a year later, playing the game almost obsessed, he still did not repair enough credits. This time, Wang Jun’s mother didn’t come to school. "Imagine how disappointed the mother should be." Gao Handong, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office of Nanjing Forestry University, tone, but also a little regret. In 2014, the introduction of Nanjing Forestry University undergraduate students "academic warning and assistance measures (Trial)", according to the seriousness of the unfinished school made yellow, orange and red warning on students’ academic, is the college red warning. In the second half of 2014, the Red Alert 18 people, the first half of 2015 academic year, the second half of 2015, the second half of the school year, 18 people in the first half of. A year and a half, nalinda persuaded the 49 students. Is the college, students personally, means that the University of Mengsui; family, means the cold Wang feng-f parents heart; school, means to eliminate substandard products, protect the quality of teaching and school reputation and make a choice. Reporters visited some universities in Nanjing found that the Nanjing Forestry University is not isolated cases. To cultivate talents in Colleges and universities "strict easy out" no, go into the University, was approached for withdrawal treatment of students, teachers approached their peers, "Ningba youth and lost the campus corner Yang opened the veil. "The university is discouraging students start, did not expect to end" Wang Jun, the 2012 students of Nanjing Forestry University, November 2014 was degraded for orange academic warning, June 2015 was as drop out due to reach the red warning. The autumn of 2015 for the first semester downgrade probation, and failed to earn enough credits to be terminated in the spring of 2016 to extend the probation, probation after only 7.5 credits, finally terminated probation and quit. A teacher in Wang Jun’s memory, he rarely ZiXiKe, playing crazy, even though the subjects seem to fail the exam, it has nothing to do with the three years of more than and 40 credits not repair. "What does it mean to have more than 40 credits? There are nearly 20 courses failed!" The teacher looked helpless and puzzled. Li Xin, nalinda students of grade 2014, May 2015 for a term of no more than 4 credits by the red warning, then drop treatment. The application status downgrade resumed after one year probation, 20 Wei相关的主题文章: