My son is 3 years old Guo Jingjing Huo Zhongxi next year to another

My son is 3 years old Guo Jingjing Huo Zhongxi next year to regeneration of a son of Guo Jingjing Huo Zhongxi has been 3 years old, she plans to regenerate a. Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 9th news, according to Hongkong media reports, married into the family, wealthy former gold Diving Queen Guo Jingjing yesterday by Ambassador UNICEF HK attended the 30 anniversary of "giving" public exhibition, called on everyone to give generously. Guo Jingjing and her husband Kenneth Fok’s son Huo Zhongxi was 3 years old, she revealed to another. In addition to the reported Guo Jingjing mother in family picnic. Not happy, she and her husband Kenneth Fok to shoot the mainland reality show "the amazing race" earned 3 household subsidies maiden issue, Guo Jingjing denied, reported her reality show is interpret out of context, in order to promote the Olympic games. Guo Jingjing has read the Zhongxi Huo son refers to the kindergarten class, their time will send him to school, but not too many extracurricular activities, giving him a nap time to help grow. Guo Jingjing said: "I will tell my son not to waste food, to learn to cherish, but will not scold him." Would you worry about spoiling your son? She laughed and said, "no." As the grandfather of Timothy Fok, there is no pet grandson? Guo Jingjing said: "grandpa likes him very much." She hoped that her son grew up to take him to the disaster area to visit, let him know a lot of people’s lives are not the same, learn to cherish food. Speaking of her husband Kenneth Fok recently lost, and Guo Jingjing felt like before filming the mainland reality show speed forward 3, so that he has the power to do sports. Asked the couple together to do the program will enhance feelings? She said with a smile: "we have been very good." She revealed that she plans to have a baby next year. "That is a mother in the Guo Jingjing report interpret out of context" family picnic. Not happy, so she told her husband the reality show money to her? Guo Jingjing denied that the household is not enough, she said: "it was not good (photo) is put out, good is not put out, that is to see these interpret out of context, in the past, as long as we have a happy, we meet now." She said it was because the Olympics before the reality show, as the future will not be performed before the curtain, has not yet thought. (Miao Fei)相关的主题文章: