Mobell ofo copy drops fast War bicycle sharing caused by the new capital Showdown (video) spyair

Mobell ofo copy drops fast War: bicycle sharing caused by the new capital showdown the Tencent of science and technology Li Ruchao began in September of this year, the competition in the field of bicycle sharing has become extremely tragic. The two big game player v-mobile and ofo have begun large-scale expansion: the first is the v-mobile out to Shanghai, north to Beijing, South Canton; followed by ofo out of the long entrenched in the campus market, officially on campus and Mobell confrontation. For a time, and the fluorescent orange ofo Mobell bright yellow Jiaoying in the north of Guangzhou subway parking areas, streets and lanes, is no longer a bleak. Behind capital strength has become the undercurrent. Ofo in recent years has quickly completed five rounds of financing, since September is pulled to the millet, Shun, drops and related investment institutions of collective occupation; Party Mobell numerous capital institutions but not resigned to playing second fiddle, blessing, also pulled to Tencent and Beauty Group founder Wang Xing (micro-blog) shares. Is the same, they all believe the future will share the bicycle is extremely bright, but different operation mode let stand are convinced that their mode of each one sticks to his argument, represents the shared economic future. However, the founders v-mobile and ofo may be very careful – hot capital competition much cover chronic illness and a series of difficult policy uncertainty in this new field, when the bustling fall, sharing bicycle can worthy of the name? The white paper and painted before discussing the v-mobile compared with ofo products, may wish to go back to the two companies and the founder of experience. Ofo founder Dai Wei graduated from Beijing University in 2013, followed by the creation of a customized cycling tourism project ofo travel. In the two years of entrepreneurial lofty fiery, ofo tourism and the market a lot of lucky as successful got angel investment. But in 2015, almost the beginning of the winter period, while in the market, there is no much contribution to the creation of ofo tourism has also encountered operational difficulties, the company was on the verge of collapse. Of course, ofo tourism did not fall. Dai Wei from angel investors to get 1 million of the loan, the ofo will be converted into a shared bicycle project. It is worth mentioning that, at the time of the ofo is indeed a shared bike – the user will share the bike out of the school, it is equivalent to get all the right to use the bike on the platform. The ofo team again after transformation, stock based on C2C sharing, evolved into today’s model — now, similar to the B2C ofo platform, although there are users sharing vehicles, but it has already occupied most of the vehicle. It can be said that the continuous investment in nearly a year ago, along the way ofo has stumbled, the strategy also experienced several substantial adjustment, low cost of the campus car is most consistent with its previous mode of operation status. Mobell situation is different. Mobell founder Hu Weiwei occupation experience is quite rich, worked in the "daily economic news", "Beijing News", Tencent, "commercial value", and had created the GeekCar car geeks. Mobell another known character Wang Xiaofeng, before joining the v-mobile before is the general manager of Uber Shanghai, as a candidate for Chinese once Uber CEO, Wang Xiaofeng has a certain advantage in Shanghai local resources.相关的主题文章: