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Mianyang police destroyed a large network fraud Gang arrested more than 70 suspects – Beijing, Beijing, Mianyang, September 13, (Yang Yong Dong Yuanyuan) 13, reporters from Sichuan Mianyang City Public Security Bureau was informed that the city’s public security organs successfully cracked the Ministry of public security "4.21" project, the destruction of a large new communication network fraud gang. In June 20, 2016, police received a "Internet Security volunteer alliance" report: Mianyang city an e-commerce company, to join the Taobao store, on behalf of the operators, to provide high-quality supply and help maintain the shop on the grounds that money fraud has many people. After receiving the report, the Mianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to set up by the Deputy Secretary Su Jie as head of the task force, deployed Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment, network security detachment, Jizhen detachment and Beichuan County Public Security Bureau of the elite police quickly start work, after a preliminary investigation to grasp the suspect Moumou, Liao Moumou, Jiang, Chen Moumou led to criminal gangs, since 2015 established e-commerce company, to open Taobao stores, on behalf of the brush reputation, on behalf of the operators, the replacement of supply, the opening of Taobao train carried out in the name of the crime of fraud. The task force investigation, confirm the main modus operandi of this kind of crime is divided into three steps: the first step, companies use Baidu promotion, the spread of false information on the Internet (Taobao business guide the promotion of Baidu in Mianyang local is blocked), hope is not a specific person to lure member shop online browsing consultation, to get their contact the second step, from the pre-sale department; contact with the victim, the company intends to set up shop on object qualification, according to company prepared the "word", the promotion of 300 yuan registered online, 500 yuan virtual shop decoration and maintenance, 800 yuan to provide free goods shop and free decoration maintenance cannot cash business; third, customer service staff on behalf of the professional "teacher" or customer service commissioner, in accordance with the company’s pre programmed "word" to the victim to sell on behalf of the operators, the company scalping train, Replacement of high-quality goods and other false business, ranging from 1980 to 16800 yuan. The morning of June 28, 2016 10, the task force organized a unified arrest, focused on the net, seized the company 2, 73 suspects were arrested, freeze funds involved more than 170, the computer seized more than 60 units, 2 cars. It is reported that this year, Mianyang police filed a total of 1155 pieces of communication network fraud cases, involving 21 million 331 thousand and 881 yuan; communication network fraud cracked 212 cases, recover the fraud 2 million 300 thousand yuan of funds; handled a total of 123 suspects hit, and seized a pseudo base station equipment 5 sets, 3 sets of black radio equipment, radio shielding device 9, computer crime seized more than 50 units, 5 units of vehicles, modus 113 bank cards, mobile phone card 90. (end)相关的主题文章: