Mesmerising Beauty Of The Southern Indian

Outdoors South India, surrounded by three oceans, is a region of overwhelming grandeur and pristine beauty. South India is separated from the north by the Vindhya mountain range, the southern Indian peninsula is insulated by the Arabian Sea and Eastern Ghats on the east and the Bay of Bengal and Western Ghats on the west. It’s tropical climate , lush green tropical vegetation in the coastal areas and the temple architecture, local culture, classical languages and diverse lifestyle which had remained essentially pure at the core in spite of repeated exposures to alien influences. South Indian tourism refers to attractions found in the four southern most states of India, namely Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and the small state of Pondicherry. South Indian tourism know for its Heritage Tourism is also know for the serene backwaters of Kerala. South Indian Temples and Monuments are big attractions for any tourist visiting India. Hill stations in south India are known for their natural beauty. Almost untouched by invasions throughout its history, the Indian heritage is more intact here than in other regions of the country. It’s people, terrain and culture visibility different from the rest of India are very of Tourist making this region one of Asia’s tourist hotspot. Talking to the locals, spending time with them and trying the region’s ethnic homemade dishes can be real fun. Participating in the cultural activities and interacting with local people is possible with options to stay with locals in homestays. In the South, the best time of year to visit is from October to February, when temperatures are quite pleasant. April and May are very hot in the plains and this is when the southern hill stations of India are at their best. May to October is the monsoon season it is tropical – hot, humid and sometimes ac.panied by heavy rains. Bottomline is whether you are planning beach holidays, pilgrimages, wildlife safaris, hill station tours or Ayurveda vacation South India is the place to be. You can find more information on South India in a host of online travel sites such as HolidayIQ.. and TripAdvisor… These site have a wealth of tourist information on these southern states. Tourism Reviews and information on Top Southern attractions, Candid advice from travellers, articles, top hotels and more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: