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Merrill Lynch how long effective, the baby can not wait for fever – Sohu maternal and child fever, many mothers will choose to send immediately. But there are also mothers worry about hospital is a concentration camp in a variety of bacteria and viruses, the hospital can make an illness aggravating? "" hospital waiting for such a long time, would you like to go to the hospital before using antipyretic? Use antipyretics will not affect the judgment of the doctor? "" the baby have a fever what Merrill antipyretics can? At long effect "and other issues?. Here I will answer these questions in detail for you mommy. 1 the baby have a fever, take medicine? Take medicine? The baby have a fever is the body of a normal immune response, can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, reduce the damage to human body, new mothers do not have to be too anxious to keep calm. The hospital is a variety of bacteria and virus concentration camp, especially to the autumn of this flu season, the hospital patients with increased influenza, immunocompromised babies are prone to cross infection, increase fever symptoms. Baby fever should try to let him rest, drink plenty of warm water, to maintain indoor ventilation and environmental comfort, in the diet, rich in nutrition, light food, and with some fresh fruit. Mommy will continue to focus on the baby’s body temperature, with clinical evidence based "0 to 5 years old children Chinese etiology of unexplained acute fever diagnosis and treatment of some problems of evidence-based guidelines (Standard Edition)", more than 6 months old baby mouth temperature more than 38.5 DEG C or axillary temperature more than 38.2 DEG C, recommended the use of ibuprofen for cooling, the brand name is Merrill ibuprofen. 2 Merrill long effect? Bloven oral absorption fast, antipyretic particle process of Merrill Bloven reached micron level can be quickly absorbed, 30 minutes of rapid onset, 1 hours to reach the peak, the cooling effect for 6-8 hours, help the baby fever quickly. How to choose 3 so many forms of Merrill Lynch Merrill Lynch Merrill Lynch? Antipyretics Ibuprofen Suspension Drops and Ibuprofen Suspension two forms of Merrill Lynch, Merrill Lynch and Ibuprofen Suspension Drops for 6 months to 3 year old baby, equipped with a dropper package dedicated to the children taking the drug, the scale is precise, delivery is also convenient. Merrill Ibuprofen Suspension packaging with the cup with a scale, more suitable for more than 1 years old older children taking medication, is also very convenient, or orange flavor, not too bitter child. No matter what kind of dosage form, are free to let the baby intramuscular injection of pain, the baby is more likely to cooperate with treatment. Motrin antipyretics used children’s insurance cover, the child is not easy to open, can effectively prevent children from accidental, correct opening method is hard to press the outer cap while rotating counterclockwise, clockwise off when the outer bottle cap can be tightened. Each batch of products have been tested by drop (from 1.2 meters height), to prevent the use of transport or use of broken bottles, safety performance is better. Autumn baby prone to fever symptoms, and often in the case of the mother did not prepare a sudden fever. All in peacetime, mother would be standing at home with Ibuprofen Suspension Drops or Ibuprofen Suspension and Merrill Lynch, to chuluanbujing,.相关的主题文章: