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Menarche occurs after dysmenorrhea beware of chocolate cyst – Sohu how many of these girls put their child down to a "cold dysmenorrhea" caused by "cold palace", when every month to pour hot water or hardly wished to live. trying? Here to solemnly remind you that one: menarche after dysmenorrhea, especially more and more pain, must be careful "chocolate cyst"! What is chocolate cyst? Ovarian chocolate cyst, also known as ovarian endometriosis cyst is due to endometrial "across the seas", "a disease caused by immigrants to the ovary, it is the most common endometriosis in a class. After the migration of endometrium to the ovary, it is still affected by the sex hormones. When menstruation, non resident ovarian ectopic endometrium will happen menstrual hemorrhage, "" blood "can not be excreted, only retention in the ovary. So the blood is constantly being absorbed, re bleeding, re absorption…… A long time will form a cyst. The color of the cyst is similar to that of chocolate. Two, "chocolate cyst" what are the symptoms? 1, dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea can occur before menstruation, menstruation and menstruation. The most typical symptoms is usually not a pain to menstrual period pain, analgesic effect is poor even. The pain is mainly caused by the internal hemorrhage of the cyst and the inflammatory reaction of the local tissue, and the endometriosis can cause uterine muscle contracture. 2, abnormal chocolate cyst in the ovary, also can affect the ovarian function, resulting in the occurrence of abnormal secretion. The main manifestations of menorrhagia or cycle disorders, will further affect the function of ovulation. 3, the "chocolate cyst" cause of infertility infertility is the main reason: ovarian oviposit function is affected; bleeding can lead to inflammation around the surrounding organs, then will appear once to the adhesion, adhesion of fallopian tube, smooth tube was unobstructed become crooked, then the egg and sperm meet on the road is blocked, pregnant the probability is greatly reduced. 4, sexual intercourse pain in endometriosis, if endometrial long to uterine rectum nest, rectovaginal septum near the vagina position, can cause sexual pain, feeling according to description comes from deep perianal tenderness. Because it will stimulate the rectum, so the menstrual period will be manifested as the number of defecation increased, accompanied by obvious pain. 5, unexplained hemoptysis, frequent micturition make water is painful wait almost anywhere because of the body may have endometriosis of the figure, so the symptoms will be varied, Nothing is too strange. In the lungs, it may cause periodic hemoptysis; in the bladder, affect micturition or cause frequent urination; in cesarean section incision, postoperative incision scar cause periodic pain. Three, "chocolate cyst" what harm? 1, irregular menstruation, sexual intercourse ovarian chocolate cyst is a type of endometriosis. Some women will appear menstruation is not.相关的主题文章: