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Men rent a luxury car to attend the class will be ridiculed – frankly helpless money Sohu News newspaper news (reporter Chen Yun) the Spring Festival is visiting relatives and classmates good time to party, for the people of Fuling Zhang Wang (a pseudonym), in the Spring Festival this year will make the students — for the charge The imprint is engraved on my heart. face, he rented for the reunion. A luxury car, but was only a small money, frankly, ridiculed. Rent a Mercedes Benz "show off their wealth, the 30 year old Wang Fuling is a private enterprise as an ordinary worker. Before the Spring Festival, Zhang Wang of the junior high school students early to begin organizing the 15th anniversary students graduated from junior high school, and the time is three months early in the year of the monkey. That many students will participate in the students, Wang decided to open a luxury car in front of the class to keep up appearances — let all students envy him. To this end, Zhang Wang rented a value of about 400000 yuan Mercedes Benz E class car, rent 1500 yuan per day. Is the beginning of the three month, Wang driving a Mercedes Benz to come to attend the meeting in Western dress and leather shoes. In the compartment, Zhang Wang from the handbag with a value of about 1000 yuan of high-grade smoke to the students, successfully attracted everyone’s attention. "Wang brother, can mix well, where is the job?" Some students ask. "Mix up not good, last year said change, you see, I have not changed now, the work is not satisfactory."." As Zhang Wang said, he pretended not to notice, and showed the key to the mercedes. "Big brother, drive Benz, cattle force."!" "When we read, we are almost the same as brother Wang, after graduation, the gap is getting bigger, learning from Wang brother."!"…… Students, you say a word, I praise Zhang wang. Is to borrow money to "lose face" students do, and drink a lot of wine, Wang more smug. "If there is anything I can do to help the students, I must do it. The chance of not helping me is looking down upon me."." Zhang Wang pronouncements. Originally, Zhang Wang just to brag, but small Li Jie (a pseudonym) took it seriously. When the class meeting was going to be free, Li Jie revealed to his classmates that his business was losing money and his mother was seriously ill, and she started borrowing money from her classmates. Several students said I was not rich, "Wang borrow a nouveau riche" support. "How much would you like to borrow?"" Zhang Wang asked without thinking. "Lend me 50 thousand, and 30 thousand will do."." Li Jie responded. "Tens of thousands of dollars is a trivial matter, Wang brother out of two tires can help you."." Have the students booing road. This is a big panic, I don’t know what to do. He just boasted about Haikou, and if he didn’t borrow it, he would not be trusted enough to be a friend, but he would have had a swollen face and had no money to borrow. Qihunanxia, Wang can only confess Benz is rented, usually only buy 20 yuan per box below the smoke, all day he did, just to earn a bit of face in front of everybody. In the end, Chang Wang got rid of the dilemma of being borrowed, but had no money to borrow. But he was also laughed at because he was rich. "Don’t talk about earning face this time, it’s a disgrace! Be sure to behave yourself later." Zhang Wang said.

男子租豪车参加同学会被借钱 无奈坦白受嘲笑-搜狐新闻  本报讯 (记者 陈云)春节是走亲访友和同学聚会的好时光,可对于涪陵市民张旺(化名)来说,今年春节参加的同学会让其刻骨铭心――为充脸面,他租豪车参加同学会,不料被发小借钱,骑虎难下只能坦白,受到嘲笑。   租奔驰“炫富”   今年30岁的张旺是涪陵某民营企业一名普通职工。过年前,张旺的初中同学们早早就开始张罗着组织初中毕业15周年同学会,并将时间定在猴年正月初三。   得知参加同学会的同学很多,张旺决定在同学面前摆谱――开豪车,让所有同学都羡慕嫉妒他。为此,张旺租了一辆价值40多万元的奔驰E级轿车,每天租金1500元。   正月初三,张旺西装革履,开着奔驰前来赴会。一进包房,张旺就从手包里拿出一条价值约1000元的高档烟散给同学们,成功吸引了大家的眼球。   “旺哥,混得可以哦,现在哪里高就哦?”有同学问。“混得不行啊,去年就说换车,你看我现在都还没换成,工作也不顺心。”张旺一边说一边假装不注意露出了奔驰车钥匙。   “旺哥,开奔驰啊,牛逼!”“读书的时候我们和旺哥都差不多,毕业后这差距就越发大了,向旺哥学习!”……同学们你一言我一语地称赞张旺。   被借钱“丢脸”   同学的抬爱,加上喝了很多酒,张旺越发飘飘然。“同学们有啥子事,只要是我能够帮忙的,一定照办,不给我帮忙的机会就是看不起我。”张旺豪言道。   本来张旺只是吹吹牛而已,不料发小李杰(化名)却当真了。同学会要散之际,李杰向同学们透露自己生意亏本、母亲重病的情况,并开口向同学们借钱。几位同学推说自己也不算富有,建议“土豪”张旺借钱支援一下。   “你要借好多嘛?”张旺不假思索地问。“借我5万嘛,3万也行。”李杰回应道。“几万块钱是小事,旺哥拿出两个轮胎就可以帮你。”有同学起哄道。   这下张旺慌了神,不知如何是好。刚刚他夸了海口,要是不借就是不讲信用也不够朋友,可他原本就是打肿脸充胖子,根本无钱可借。骑虎难下,张旺只能坦白奔驰是租的,平时只买每盒20元以下的烟,当天他所做的一切,只是为了在大伙儿面前挣点面子。   最终,张旺摆脱了被借钱却无钱可借的窘境,但也因为装有钱人而受到嘲笑。“这回不要说挣面子了,根本是丢人!以后一定踏踏实实做人。”张旺说。相关的主题文章: