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Media: Hong Xiuzhu at Beijing pass out what signal? Sohu news October 31, 2016, Nanjing, KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu visited Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum to end, speaking in the fraternity square. Surging news reporter Jia Rutu KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu led the KMT delegation arrived in Nanjing, visited Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, the leaders will also meet, this was one of the most important cross-strait relations in recent news. Hong Xiuzhu is not the first to visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum the KMT chairman, KMT leaders recently is not the first meeting. But the visit and the visit is important from the Kuomintang’s internal affairs and cross-strait relations. The face of self renewing and perfect the historical demand in a period of time before the political election, the ruling Kuomintang lost eight years of power, forcing the party and the reform of the voice of the unprecedentedly strong. It also shows that the KMT is facing the historical requirements of self renewal and improvement. For a political party, the source of its vitality has two aspects, on the one hand, the inheritance and memory of history, on the other hand is the grasp of contemporary social change. At this time for the KMT, demands reform also requires them not only to look for the strength to hold from history, but also in the current political situation in the island of Taiwan and the pursuit of reform and perfection. Adhere to the 92 consensus of the commitment to break the deadlock in cross-strait relations, cross-strait relations are facing an important historical moment. With the change of the leaders of the island, the island has emerged a new situation of the rise of separatist forces, the noise of the 92 consensus has emerged. In particular, some of the leaders of the island in the face of the normal development of cross-strait relations, the release of a number of negative voices, so that people on both sides of the Strait worried about the future of cross-strait relations. In this case, the KMT as the island’s largest party, it is bound to bear the overall development of cross-strait relations and peaceful development, looking for the next growth point of historical mission. Even further, the historical heritage, the current reform and stick to the peace between the two sides, the Kuomintang update more is the same. Hong Xiuzhu stepped in as chairman of the KMT, naturally understand this point. In the current, there are still a lot of hope that a person with breadth of vision through self reform to improve the Kuomintang, to further promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations situation, the future will further hope for peace in the Taiwan Strait, Strait, interaction of the two parties in the hope for a person with breadth of vision bipartisan consensus on persistence and inheritance. We all remember that a year ago, Xi Jinping and Ma Ying-Jeou held a historic meeting, reiterated the 92 consensus and planning the development of cross-strait new Bureau, which is an important meeting to determine the historical status of the KMT’s new era. Therefore, Hong Xiuzhu’s visit to the mainland, the most important issue is how to serve as the opposition in the island, adhere to the 92 consensus, adhere to the commitment to make more political contributions to the island and the two sides.相关的主题文章: