Man broken hand foster calf 30 days after the successful return to the arm sexhu

Men’s broken hand foster calf after more than 30 days after the successful return to the original title of the arm: man broken hand foster calf after more than 30 days after the success of moving back to the arm of the high master of the nurse in the calf. Yang Junhui photo foster right hand successfully transplanted back in situ. Yang Junhui, photo Nanjing, August (Xinhua) (25) after more than 8 hours of surgery, patients with high teacher "foster" in the right hand on the calf was successfully transplanted back to the ground in situ, on. August 25th, the attending doctor said that the master of the high back surgery is very successful, as far as possible to ensure that only the hands of the transplant to survive, but also need further observation. The early morning of July 16th, the Xiaoxian high master work in the factory, was accidentally injured by heavy wrist wrist amputation stump hemorrhage. Gao Shifu wrapped in a local hospital after hemostasis, was sent to Xuzhou charity hospital. "Patients are tons of lathe extrusion, lead to complete transection of the wrist, although the amputated limb preservation is good, but the wrist hurt seriously, a lot of damage tissue, and sent a long time, nearly 6 hours of ischemia, has been basically over time limit of replantation. In addition, when the patient has sent shock, bleeding phenomenon, the condition is very critical." Attending doctor Shi Rongjian said. The hands and feet of the hospital microsurgical expert team after repeated demonstration for the patient developed a foster care program. On the same day, after 8 hours of surgery, doctors for patients with wrist debridement, and let the calf blood vessels and wrist artery anastomosis, and external fixation of metacarpal bone in the lower leg, the leg island flap for repair of hand wound residual arteriovenous anastomosis again, forearm stump debridement and vascular nerve tendon after labeling VSD suction cover the wound will be broken hand "in" the leg. After more than a month of foster, high master’s right hand on his left leg to recover very well. August 23rd, after more than 8 hours of surgery, in the efforts of more than medical staff, high teacher’s right hand was successfully transplanted back to the ground. At present, the high teacher’s right hand blood supply to restore a good situation, to spend a week of dangerous period, can basically determine the survival of their right hand. To restore the function of the arm, but also the need for further rehabilitation." Shi Rongjian said. (end) editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: