Lu Dapeng I don’t pursue personal style in translation history

Lu Dapeng: translation history, I do not pursue personal style – after the new generation of translators Lu Dapeng, Nanjing University, master of Arts in the United States and Japan, is currently engaged in copyright work in publishing houses, amateur engaged in English, German translation. In June 2014, social science literature press launched the "Oracle series" in 1453, Lu Dapeng’s translation of "war", "Constantinople: Ocean Empire", "Laurence of Arabia" won a lot of praise, the industry wonder his translation works faster and better, the common reader has since gradually familiar with the young translator. Recently, he has launched a new version of "Isabella" and "Augustus: Warrior Queen: from revolutionary to the emperor", the Yangcheng Evening News reporter also has carried on the interview. Yangcheng Evening News reporter He Jing A "very fun", begins most interested in translation history books is Lu Dapeng to read literature, American literature, translation began to just want to improve English level, his translation of Thoreau’s works, a lot of Emerson. "Translation is a good way to learn foreign language, you can exercise their own ability to express the Chinese language, but also to test their level of magic." The first time he is paid by translation in the third, "because of the interest in Nazi Germany history, I started reading a book called" blitz "magazine from the junior high school, then contact me via email magazine, they began to do the translation. Looking back now, it helps me a lot. Translation is a bit like sports, the need to maintain training frequency and proficiency, if you use a period of time may be new." Lu Dapeng is really popular readers familiar with, he is from the translation of "1453: Constantinople" battle started. Subsequently, he translated and published many historical books, such as "ocean Empire", "city of wealth", "Laurence of Arabia", "the Plantagenet Dynasty", "Caesar: life of a colossus", "Isabella" and "Augustus: Warrior Queen: from revolutionary to the emperor" and so on. He loves everything about (distant) and long ago (old) things, dramatic entanglements each big civilization system RHF TGJ grand historical appearance, personality conflicts and the fate of historical background characters of twists and turns, and the classical romance and chivalry, let Lu Da Peng. In the new book sharing meeting, his favorite word is "very fun". When I was a child, Lu Dapeng was often guided by his parents to explore the world on the walls of his room. Today, the grasp of the world geography, he has a great relationship with the childhood love map. Now he is very love his paintings genealogy map, clarifying the genealogical relationship is our translation or knowledge of western culture when the ‘extra burden’, but really fun, will show a clear image of the effect. Although a lot of books with the pedigree, but because of limited space, general ellipsis, distortion of a lot of things, the reader query is not convenient, does not have its own drawing more intuitive and accurate. Before I in the translation of "Plantagenet" also drew a lot of a genealogical chart, quite complex. I also summarize some rules such as figure painting genealogy, genealogy is not suitable in the book, take a piece of paper"相关的主题文章: