Li Xiaopeng bid farewell to Shanxi to Beijing to go to the scene one to

Li Xiaopeng bid farewell to Shanxi to Beijing to go to the scene: a unit to the original title: two times parting Li Xiaopeng two days ago, according to media reports, the afternoon of August 28th at 6:30 pm, Shanxi provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, Lou Yangsheng in the Shanxi provincial government compound bid farewell to Li Xiaopeng, the Shanxi provincial government staff also gathered in the courtyard of the collective bid farewell to Li Xiaopeng. Some of the work of the Shanxi provincial government officials and Li Xiaopeng photo. Li Xiaopeng said in the farewell scene, "Secretary Luo is a good secretary, I believe it, Yang also must be a good governor, we work together to push Shanxi forward, we said, okay?" The scene applause and answer "good". According to the video display, and Li Xiaopeng had joked, "though he did not fulfill the formalities, but today has to work." Lou Yangsheng responded, although the procedures did not fulfill the responsibility of the security has been handed over to me." The scene saw people laughing and clapping. Li Xiaopeng also said, "before you go, I still want to say a few words I repeated many times, coal is green energy, Shanxi Shanxi colorful, there is hope." Live video display, Luo Huining and Li Xiaopeng smiled and hugged for a few seconds, and then shook hands farewell. Standing in front of the car, Li Xiaopeng bowed deeply, then said the last words, "go to Beijing, to the Department." Farewell Shanxi officials laughed and applauded, Li Xiaopeng boarded the bus to leave. In the courtyard in front of the Shanxi provincial government before the booth, Li Xiaopeng and staff also shook hands goodbye. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) review found that Li Xiaopeng from the Huaneng Group chairman who resigned from business and official in Shanxi became Vice Governor post, has been separated for 8 years. June 2, 2008 afternoon, Haidian District Institute of South Road 40, Li Xiaopeng, 49, bid farewell to his helm for many years, China’s largest power generation companies – Huaneng Group, Beijing. Huaneng insiders said Li Xiaopeng’s departure is very low-key: 2 am in the form of a written resignation to the group, leaving the company in the afternoon. 2, about 16, dressed in white shirt Li Xiaopeng out of the office of the chairman of the board he worked for the past 8 years. Hundreds of temporary news that the agency staff spontaneously for him to see off, someone played a temporary handwritten farewell President slogan. Standing in the yard, Li Xiaopeng smiled and shook hands with everyone. "Farewell scene is very simple, no heroic utterance, but many people still cry." A group of workers involved in the recall memories. After a brief farewell, the Shanxi provincial government sent Li Xiaopeng. The evening of June 2nd, Huaneng Group, a subsidiary of Huaneng Power International Limited by Share Ltd in the form of the board of directors announced to the outside world, Li Xiaopeng announced the departure of Huaneng news. This announcement is very simple, said Li Xiaopeng and company without any differences of opinion, nor any matters related to the resignation of the need to promote the attention of the shareholders of the company, and even did not disclose his whereabouts. "Politics" (WeChat ID:gcxxjgzh) Notice, 10 days later, on June 12th, the Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress passed an important appointment: Li Xiaopeng, vice governor of Shanxi province. "When the governor assistant, a servant of the people, listen to the voice of the masses, concerned about the sufferings of the masses, years相关的主题文章: