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Li Jianchao because of the rat was forbidden and the postal market had any sawamatsu work – fund channel China Economic Net editor’s note: Recently, the Commission released a report for the Post Fund Management Co. fund manager Li Jian Chao shichangjinru decision, which is following the 2015 verdict jailed for 3 and a half years later fined 17 million another punishment. But it is easy to ignore is that, in fact, Li Jianchao and now in the post fund star fund manager, as well as a period of cooperation with Ren Zesong. From 2012 to 2013, two people have the common management strategic emerging industries in the post fund, but the outcome is that Li Jianchao was arrested, he was promoted to the new king of sawamatsu". Regulatory penalties overweight "rat" was banned from entering the city, according to the Securities Daily reported, China shichangjinru SFC a day before the release of the written decision, then decided to post a Fund Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Post Fund) fund manager Li Jianchao to take a lifelong shichangjinru. According to reports, in 2010 April to 2011 November, Li Jian Yu core strengths post flexible configuration assistant fund manager, fund manager responsible for assisting the formulation of investment funds and asset allocation of the fund investment strategy and investment operation scheme, etc.; November 11, 2011 to January 22, 2014, Ren post preferred (590001, fund) fund manager, investment responsible for the decision of the fund, decided to buy stocks type, size, timing etc.. However, Li Jianchao served during the post preferred fund manager, the use of undisclosed information for other duties to facilitate access to the outside to inside information, the use of the control of the "hole" and "kongmou as" "Feng Moubin" "tube Tao" and other securities account, the post core prior to the selected fund 1 trading days to 5 trading days, synchronous or slightly later than 1 trading days to 2 trading days to buy and sell and post core preferred stock investment fund the same convergence, the cumulative transaction amount of 914 million 700 thousand yuan, the cumulative convergence of trading profits 16 million 828 thousand yuan. In October 29, 2015, Shandong Province, Qingdao City Intermediate People’s Court of first instance verdict, the case of Li Jianchao during the acts constitute "People’s Republic of China criminal law" 180th article first, the provisions of the four paragraph of the use of undisclosed information trading charges, Li Jianchao sentenced to life imprisonment in three years and six months, fined 17 million yuan. The parties appealed against the judgment of first instance. In April 15, 2016, the Shandong Provincial Higher People’s Court issued the "criminal" ruling, rejected the appeal and upheld the original verdict. According to the fact that the parties illegal, nature, circumstances and the degree of social harm, according to the "fund" and "regulations prohibiting securities market regulations, the Commission decided to take lifelong shichangjinru Li Jianchao, since the Commission announced the date of decision, lifelong not engage in securities business or as a listed company directors, supervisors and senior management positions. From November 11, 2011, Li Jianchao was officially appointed as the post core preferred stock fund manager, the fund has been mediocre performance, until the departure of Li Jianchao, the fund’s total return of -6.91%"相关的主题文章: