Li Hongzhong interview with the heating station inspection work to ensure the quality and safety of

Li Hongzhong interview with the heating station inspection work to ensure the quality and safety of ready to send warm heating – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wei Liu Yakun?) from today onwards the city heating. Last night, the municipal Party committee secretary Li Hongzhong surprise checks heating units, check the city heating preparation. Li Hongzhong stressed that winter heating involves thousands of families. Party committees and governments at all levels should make the important requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping on the "people’s yearning for a better life is our goal to implement every detail of the livelihood of the people working on the public voice of the people, the people look forward to Zalman as a direction of work, to the spirit of being highly responsible to the winter heating work, responsibility, careful the organization, scientific control, let the people warm winter. This winter heating is an important livelihood. The municipal Party committee and municipal government before the decision, according to the change of the weather this year after the winter, the city in November 5th ten days ahead of the official hot. Whether on schedule, quality, safe heating, to ensure the warmth to the residents of the home, Li Hongzhong worried about the heart. Just after 8 p.m. last night, Li Hongzhong and Municipal Committee, municipal Party committee secretary to grow into its do not say hello to Hexi District Saint Jizhuangzi heating station, site for heating preparations. The heating station heating area of 1 million 700 thousand square meters, serving nearly 30 thousand residents. In 2014 the station completed Coal Combustion Engineering, boiler room clean, no dust and cinder past, fully automated monitoring. Li Hongzhong walked into the heating workshop, the total monitoring room, with the staff on duty handshake, cordial conversation, condolences to them. In the electronic monitoring screen, Li Hongzhong and Wei Jianhua on duty monitor in-depth conversation, asked in detail about the working life of everyone. "How many people are there in a team?" How many hours does a class work?" "Ordinary meals, rest can not guarantee?" Wei Jianhua told the leadership of the city, heating station from November 2nd in the ignition, the heating period we carry out "3", the current heating preparations are ready, to ensure that the 5 zero formal heating. Li Hongzhong said that this year the cold came early, the city decided to advance heating, which is involved in the event of each household in the city. Heating work is important and glorious, is really hard, I am a person, warm 10 million, we express our heartfelt thanks to everyone’s efforts. Li Hongzhong is very concerned about heating safety issues, ask the post safety management regulations, which can carry out a few, and went to the gas boiler, a careful understanding of boiler pressure monitoring, safety maintenance, etc.. Vice mayor Sun Wenkui and Hexi Thermotics Inc responsible comrades learned after the situation has arrived. Li Hongzhong asked in detail about the city’s central heating penetration rate, transformation, grid clean energy alternative to coal-fired boilers, equipment maintenance and so on, also the business operation, financial accounting, fees and other Thermotics Inc responsible for the in-depth exchanges with the West comrades. Just after the heating inspection work, specially came to the Municipal Construction Committee responsible comrades reported, city heating Department has finished the city’s more than and 470 heating stations, most complete with hot conditions, only individual heating stations due to fuel project is finishing the debugging off for a few days. City Construction Committee has opened 24 hours on duty, the 12319 urban construction service hotline, listen to suggestions, to further improve the heating services. Li Hongzhong right.相关的主题文章: