Korean media reported Busan line in China caused by the loss of large losses caused by piracy-winavi video converter

Korean media reported the "Busan line" in Chinese due to piracy caused great losses upsurge "Busan line" poster time hearing today South Korean media Herald pop of South Korea zombie blockbuster "Busan line" caused by the upsurge of piracy in circulation Chinese were reported. The report said that although the film in China responded enthusiastically, but suffered a great loss". Only by the high price of Chinese publishing company to buy the copyright, Busan line is likely to be unable to log on the Chinese screen. "Busan line" South Korea’s investment company NEW to Herald pop revealed that there have been Chinese companies to buy the high price of the copyright, but has not yet decided to release the date, is currently working with Chinese companies to negotiate". But given the current circulation of piracy has for a long time, NEW said it had on the flow of resources to control piracy, "after we discuss and China local distribution companies have begun to control the illegal circulation of piracy, and take legal measures, but although large site circulation up faster, but the spread of personal SNS and the P2P web site, because the time is over for a long time, we proposed to delete the requirement, the effect is not ideal." Herald pop also speculated that because of the impact of Sade, although high priced purchase, Busan line is likely to be unable to release in china. In South Korea, the film is usually released in theaters, usually in 1-3 months after the release will provide TV on demand (VOD), at the same time out of the network video resources in South Korea, and then the Chinese subtitles Group Download subtitles. Not only is the Korean film, many European and American film resources are also from korea. After the release of the China "Uncle" "Indiana" alliance "plop my life" and the movie box office is not ideal, not unrelated to the spread of pirated resources in Chinese before the release. As the "late" Ming Liang "battle" "snow country train" "Assassination" and other films in the China before the release, has specialized in the outflow of the piracy and strict monitoring. "Busan" in Korea in July 20th after the release of a total mobilization of 11 million 560 thousand tickets, this year first in Korea exceeded 10 million people viewing the movie. The film had been in Taiwan and Hongkong, and Singapore, Vietnam and other places on the top of the box office, in France and other European and North American regions have also harvested a good market response.相关的主题文章: