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Music Jimmy Page Yardbirds Led Zeppelin The Firm these are some of the names that .e to mind when one thinks of the best guitarists and supergroups of the past 40 years of rock and roll history. Jimmy Page was one of the original riff rockers, putting together snarling, attacking guitar lines that are some of the most memorable in the classic rock canon. Not only was he a master of fuzzed out blues metal, but he was also capable of crafting intricate, haunting melodies that seemed to freeze musical moments in time, holding them close to the ear to be savored and enjoyed. Not everyone is familiar with the origins of Jimmy Pages music career, as the first successful band he was in was somewhat overshadowed by its other, equally famous guitar-slinging members. Eric Clapton was one of the original members of the group, but he left when he could no longer stomach the bands move from blues to pop. He was replaced by Jeff Beck, a guitar heros guitar hero, and Clapton re.mended that Jimmy Page also be considered. A couple of years later Page was helping Beck front the group, and their twin guitar attack would score several hits before Beck decided to move on to a solo career. After the Yardbirds split up, Page attempted to ride the momentum of the group with a band he called The New Yardbirds, but they ended up renaming themselves Led Zeppelin instead and went on to be.e the most influential hard rock band of all time. Jimmy Pages creativity really got a chance to shine in the group, and Zeppelin was able to better channel his artistic vision. Of course, it helped that his fellow band mates were all virtuosos themselves. The Firm were a group that Page became involved in during the mid-80s. Together with label mate Paul Rogers, formerly of the band Bad .pany, The Firm were an attempt for both to move on from their oppressively famous back catalog and chart new musical waters. While they did manage to release 2 albums and go on a number of successful tours, the group never gathered the same level of .mercial appeal that their previous bands had done. For Jimmy Page Yardbirds Led Zeppelin The Firm all represent specific chapters in his varied and amazingly prolific life. To have had the chance to collaborate with so many gifted musicians means that Pages recorded musical legacy will live on long after he has stopped performing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: