Inventory of the National Day Golden Week domestic tourists scale civilization gradually blazing new

Inventory of the National Day Golden Week: domestic tourists scale civilization gradually blazing new network in Beijing in October 7 – Xinhua news agency Xinhua: Holiday changed and unchanged — Digital inventory of National Day golden hot Thursday, Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter Yu Jiaxin Zhou Ke, blocking the road, see the scenic sea, group showings buy, buy…… These seem to have been the National Day golden week, the conventional action". However, one year spent similar, each year is different. These old phenomenon in the new "eleven" long vacation, what is happening to change and change? Hot 1: traffic – nearly 800 million trips, blocking the road is difficult to travel every year blocking year after year, year after year, year after year, congestion blocking the topic of gold Zhou Yongheng. Enter the keyword in the Baidu search blocking and national day, as of 7 am the relevant search results show that there are about 1600000 times. The arrival of the era of mass tourism, the "eleven" golden week holiday effect bring traffic flow. The golden week, the transportation sector is expected to road transport, railways, civil aviation passenger nearly 800 million passengers. Many people to car blocking, highlighting the uncivilized driving. Golden week last year criticized the uncivilized driving, this holiday is not reduced, become the focus of users on micro-blog, the most prominent of Tucao, occupation of the emergency Lane behavior criticism. Last year the golden week, a place for the emergency Lane blocked to rescue failed. This year, Wuhan old driver at high speed on the sudden heart attack, as part of the emergency Lane occupied, 15 minutes walk away for half an hour, narrowly escaped the danger. Coincidentally, in Xuzhou high way, ill pregnant women wanted to go the emergency lane, was also stopped for the emergency Lane car blocking live. In the same block behind, is the rule blocking means to improve. Some places use big data to predict congestion areas and time and update in real time. The introduction of the UAV to carry out highway patrol enforcement on the highway emergency Lane violations were captured, and promptly announced the "black list". In Hubei, from October 1st to 5 on the detection of illegal occupation of 3000 emergency Lane behavior. Enhance the sense of leisure and enjoyment, will make more and more people travel golden week, but also from the long-term consideration to solve the problem of blocking." Tourism Research Center special researcher Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Gao Shunli believes that to solve the traffic congestion, fundamentally is to design flexible flexible holiday system, at the same time to make good use of big data and high-tech means of guidance and supervision, and constantly improve the visitors civilized travel and tourism awareness, in order to better ease the blocking and blocking the heart. 2: hot tourism — domestic tourists scale of nearly 600 million people, chaos still exist in the wind of civilization gradually blazing tourism has become the main national consumer items. This year, "eleven" has nearly half of the population in China, the number of people out of tourism, has become the largest domestic travel trips golden week. National Tourism Administration 7 report shows that in 2016 the National Day golden week, the country received a total of 593 million passengers, an increase of 12.8%. With the tourism market is hot with zero cost, field guide.相关的主题文章: