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Interpretation of 2016 Li Keqiang visits: Chinese is moving towards emerging service powers – Beijing prime minister’s trip reflects the "total concept" in November 9th, the successful summit members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Prime Minister) the fifteenth meeting of the Council, Kazakhstan Prime Minister of the third regular meeting, fifth China Middle East European leaders meeting and the twenty-first regular meeting with Russian Prime Minister after Premier Li Keqiang returned to Beijing by special plane. Compact week trip, once again to create a mutually beneficial and win-win system of public goods and its institutional platform process left a thick pen. Six months ago in July 13, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang visited Mongolia and attended the eleventh Asia Europe summit held in the capital of Ulan Bator. This means not only the prime minister Li Keqiang was the first foreign leader of Mongolia’s general election after visiting the country, the more important is the trip to finalize the establishment of the Sino Mongolian governmental economic and Trade Joint Committee on science and technology, energy and mineral Cooperation Council interconnection mechanism, China and Mongolia covers trade, energy, infrastructure, finance, climate change, media exchanges and other areas of cooperation, increase the Mongolia infrastructure investment, efforts to promote the The Belt and Road Chinese "and Mongolia’s" prairie road "development strategy and plan docking, in 2020 bilateral trade volume of $10 billion target. As we know in inland and Jin Youzhong, Russia’s two neighbours in Mongolia after the collapse of the USSR, eager to obtain high quality international investment agreement and Mongolia domestic advantage trade market, as soon as possible into the globalization of international politics, economy and society. Support from China’s economy, transportation, Internet infrastructure for the development of Mongolia has created the possibility of time and space, greatly reducing the cost of political and economic recovery in Mongolia. Mongolia cooperation between the key is to realize the development target of modernization development dividends for Mongolia country to rise in Chinese, solve the problem of poverty in structural area. It Chinese on the surrounding environment and remodeling an optimization based on the idea that also conveys a kind of value proposition: China founded the international signal system is different from the previous stages of power, it will abandon and refute power by pushing the will of the dominant position of the order to shape their own mode of thinking, put more emphasis on the concept of value "the common development and profit, common destiny, CO governance". Since then, opens in September 25th Chinese – Cuba "old friends" tour, November 2nd – Chinese Kyrgyzstan "good neighbor" association and later China – Middle East European leaders meeting in the "trans Eurasian hand", the prime minister Li Keqiang are constantly in the bilateral and multilateral cooperation exchanges stressed the concept of win-win. China News Agency reporter Liu Zhen photo " src=" 20161111; 2016111122302.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" China News Agency reporter Liu Zhen photo " > the China News Agency reporter Liu shocks we know)相关的主题文章: