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International oil prices approaching $50 mark   commodities to meet a large area limit — energy — international oil prices rebounded in the 16% seven day approaching $50 mark of commodities to meet a large area limit this Monday to Tuesday trading day in the market to further enhance the cartel’s expectations, international oil prices rebounded sharply by 1.16%. Oil prices have been rising for 3 consecutive days, the cumulative increase of up to 7 trading days of 16%, Tuesday afternoon reported $48.98 barrel, approaching $50 mark again. Due to the optimistic view of the market, such as Goldman Sachs, the domestic commodity market once again welcome a substantial rebound, rebar, iron ore and other 7 varieties limit. Supply and demand information to support oil prices rebound since November, the supply and demand side of the information to support the rebound in international oil prices. OPEC (international crude oil exporting countries) on the first day of the conference although there is no clear agreement to cut output, but has made some progress, the end of the month to reach agreement in enhancing the probability of production. Including Iran, Russia and other oil producing countries also changed before the tough attitude, the attitude has been loosened in limited production. The main factors for the decision of the crude oil market supply and demand, once the "limiting" clear, the oil price is expected to gain momentum to rise further to $60. In addition, although the probability of the Fed rate hike in December is expected to be increased to more than 99% institutions, but the dollar after 10 consecutive days strong finally in this week revealed a weakness in the short-term, also support the international oil prices. In 2016 the international oil prices as a whole showed low concussion, since April to November, prices in the 40~50 dollar range has gone 7 times, that the market long and short intense game, low oil price era pattern is difficult to obtain a breakthrough. But from the technical point of view, once the effective break through $50, the next technical resistance as high as $60, bulls will have more profit space. In view of the domestic commodity market throughout the year bull market smoothly, Guangzhou daily survey of domestic "oil speculation" investors, the market outlook more optimistic, progress has been on the sidelines of the international market of production, to do more. Guangdong gold Chen Zhihao believes that the current trend is too much, but there is no full grasp of the further rise higher, it is recommended to do more investors to wait and see ahead, other investors cautious chase high, light warehouse operations. Once the production is expected to reduce, can Qingcang short backhand. Agency proposed next year, the bulk of the commodity futures market in the domestic market continued to fall sharply after a week, on Tuesday ushered in a sharp rise in the market. In the promotion of international oil prices rebound, chemicals, agricultural products as of the close, led, fiber board, coke, coil, screw, iron ore, glass, etc. 7 rice varieties limit, coking coal rose 8.37%, Shanghai lead rose 5.97%, asphalt rubber rose 5.84%, rose 5.54%, Shanghai copper, nickel, tin, PP, Shanghai Shanghai zinc rose more than 3%, Shanghai aluminum, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, starch, methanol, plastics rose more than 2%. Speculative capital is still the main driving force of the current round of rebound in the trend of continuous decline, some institutional investors choose相关的主题文章: