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Intel teamed up with Disney, 300 drones lit Disney Park – sky technology [Technews] new technology Sohu Intel and Disney jointly launched the holiday limited UAV show, November 16, 2016 in Florida’s Disney Park (Disney) completed the first show, by 300 Intel Shooting Star of a computer control of the UAV to a dazzling light show. Shooting Star is a Intel company launched a dedicated UAV outdoor light show, the Disney and Starbright jointly launched the first national holiday show is to perform large-scale UAV, 300 drones against a holiday themed music, lit Disney Park in the sky, but this is the Intel Shooting Star UAV for the first time in the United States public appearance, all UAVs will complete the layout and controlled by a computer. Intel vice president Josh Walden said in a statement, when Disney plans to launch a new entertainment experience when they realize that this is a great opportunity, Intel hopes to be able to use new technology to create a light show that shocked the world, the cooperation between the two sides will draw into the sky like the brush cloth, UAV flight. The image depicts many gorgeous. Starbright holiday light show in November 20, 2016 to the evening of January 8th, November 16, 2016 launched a preview program, the performance of the content will be adjusted according to the time, the light show is free and open to all visitors to Florida Disney park. Shooting Star UAV fuselage made of foam and plastic material to build, weighs only 280 grams, the built-in LED lamp can display more than 4 billion kinds of colors, all of the UAV flight path display and computer are set. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: