In order to argue whether Yang Mi has any acting or not, Anhui two high school boys are going offlin sayu-02

To argue about Yang Mi’s acting, Anhui two high school boys are offline, and now many students are fans of some stars". Sometimes, because of different points of view, the war of words is also launched on the internet". This does not, Fucheng two high school boys to evaluate popular actor Yang Mi different, on the Internet to finish, the line about frame. A small wooden and is the high school students Fucheng different schools, we don’t know each other. In 25, actor Yang Mi Post Bar on text message said: "in addition to her face a little beauty, not acting, is really a social see yan." As it happens, also around a wooden Post Bar, saw such an evaluation of their idols, does not want to reply, said: "when the acting good and beautiful, you are jealous." Xiaowen not convinced, and this little started "slobber war". Think small wooden also give him a message, won’t listen to reason, let him leave the address, two people face-to-face talk. See the message, Xiaowen name, will fly into a rage, home address and telephone number for the whole wooden. 27, Xiaowen and wooden met in a square Yingdong district. Without saying a word, two people tore their clothes and hit them. Seeing this, passers-by reported the police. District police station rushed to the scene, the two sides back to the police station. Considering the small wooden and underage police they carried out criticism of education and persuasion. In the end, the two admitted the mistake, saying they would not use violence to solve the problem later.

为争论杨幂有无演技 安徽两高中男生线下约架如今,很多学生是一些明星的“粉丝”。有时,因观点不同,还在网上拉开“口水战”。这不,阜城两名高一男生就对当红演员杨幂的评价不同,在网上战罢,还到线下约架。小文和小木是阜城不同中学的高一学生,本互不相识。25日,小文在关于演员杨幂的贴吧里留言称:“她除了脸美,一点演技都没有,真是个看颜的社会。”碰巧,小木也在逛贴吧,看到有人这样评价自己的偶像,就不愿意了,回复称:“人家明明又美演技又好,你就是嫉妒。”小文不服气,就此与小木拉开“口水战”。小木觉得小文不可理喻,还留言给他,让他留下地址,两人当面谈。 看到留言,小文火冒三丈,将姓名、家庭住址、电话号码全给了小木。27日,小文和小木在颍东区某广场见了面。还没说几句话,两人就撕扯着衣服打了起来。见状,路人报了警。辖区派出所民警赶赴现场后,将双方带回派出所。考虑到小文与小木尚未成年,民警对他们进行了批评教育和劝说。最终,两人承认了错误,表示以后不会再用暴力解决问题。相关的主题文章: