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In my kitchen, only 5 square meters, or about the primary school incorporated as a Sohu and asked to share on the web for more than ten years of senior delicacy delicacy bloggers, occupation and interest, at least not at home is the variety of kitchen equipment, all kinds of food reserves: Cereals, sauces, dry cargo etc.. Some people are curious to ask me, can you give us a look at your kitchen, how to do so, so many dishes, ingredients, home enough to place it? Or do you have to have a huge kitchen? In Beijing, with a big kitchen is a very extravagant dream, my family and most families, the kitchen is the normal size of 5, 6 square meters. In those years had drifted in Beijing, have been renters, incidentally also experienced all kinds of kitchen fume thick, also has the storage space is almost zero, live in a time of bad experiences, every time I think of, we have our own house, must make provision pick up a row, clean, neat and beautiful kitchen. Three years ago, we finally have their own home, the kitchen is clean and neat dreams, we also realized by. To be honest, I actually spend less time cleaning the kitchen, but every time I accidentally exposed the picture on my kitchen in micro-blog, many people have said, good clean, say a little kitchen cleaning experience. In fact, the method is very simple, just in the first to give a variety of tools, ingredients to do a good job planning, and then the rest is just run out immediately restore, wipe clean. Many food, tools at home, in addition to the storage, but also develop regularly, appropriate abandoned broken homes habits, but this topic later, this article focus on problem of collecting kitchen tools and ingredients. Secret 1, storage box induction seasoning, clean and tidy, easy to take regular Chinese cooking kitchen, cleaning work done well, a long time or will accumulate soot. No matter how hard, seasoning pot piled outside for a long time, feels like a hand full of greasy, how clean is of no use. I used to be all seasoning in the closet, with storage box classification installed, for easy access. When cooking, can take out a few bottles, one can also take down a whole box, freely, occasionally dropping seasoning fouls cabinet, only need regular cleaning box, better keep the kitchen clean. Here is the use of the IKEA box is a collection of Varela, with different colors, in addition to the kitchen, I also bought a lot of other home for the collection, are very good use. Tip 2: use a variety of sealed cans preserved Cereals, baking materials, clean and tidy and beautiful:?? the drawer under cabinet, I used to receive the cooking may be used conveniently, dry cargo spices, originally is the bathroom use IKEA Gould Mo storage box, a small Division I used to lattice containing common spices, at a glance and convenient to use, the big points used to receive bagged seasoning, transparent cover is very convenient to find. ??????????相关的主题文章: