I am Superman launched Xu Letong Liu Xuanxian national sports entertainment boom – Sohu-kamikaze love

"I am Superman" launched Xu Letong Liu Xuanxian national campaign – Sohu   entertainment; Xu Le lift national sports fitness entertainment boom Sohu punch service program "I am Superman" recently landed the tourism satellite TV, sport novel, fun to eat healthy by users praise. In this novel fashion show, actor Xu music with the identity of the host to find back, and with his friends Liu Xuan, north of the co chaired by Wang Chen. Together with the three presenters on the stage and fitness to communicate with people to learn fitness methods, and people together to participate in the game competition, full of vitality. It is understood that, I am superman program adhere to the LOHAS for the dissemination of ideas, I believe in the next period of time, will be able to set off a national fitness craze. Master interactive music in which Xu "I am Superman" in the recording process, the program will be the guests according to the body is divided into S, M, L team team team, XL team, four teams compete against each other, the smell of gunpowder. Than the strength between S minutes counter attack, XL team is flexible than sit up and take notice. Everyone in the team has a magic man, Xu Yue also called on the audience to watch the program: move together with us, perhaps when watching the program can become fitness daren"! As the show’s host Xu also highlight the fitness of the vitality of the people. Daily life in the book of "scholar temperament" seems to be full of joy with Xu unexpectedly is senior fitness Master. Leisure time will be in the gym, but also ask the fitness coach tailored for their fitness plan, one to one guidance. In this regard, Xu Yue also bluntly: as one may appear on TV in a public figure, is to keep in shape their required courses. The "I am Superman" program, can see so many from all over the country and Master fitness, and the methods and experience of their site exchange fitness, the recording scene is not at work, but a vibrant fitness salon. The fitness of the scene is also very much like the big boy, often said: "Xu music with the care of everyone". Xu Le: let me keep presided over the identity of the actor Xu Le impression to the audience is happy with the sun, from the earliest hosted "the best scene", the identity of the host and the audience, the subsequent development in many fields such as singing, acting, by everyone’s love. He starred in the recent network TV drama, 28 year old is also about to meet with the audience. The music with partner Tang Yixin, Xu Jiang Chao, as a female student with "two teacher" by students "handsome and adorable". With the same Xu Yue’s own words: "join host is their lucky, thank you very much for that period of time for their own experience, and now it is for that lucky has been working". Fans watching the show have also said: I hope to enjoy the same program hosted Changhong ratings, but also hope that he can bring better film and television works".   相关的主题文章: