How To Save Your Restaurant Money On Food

Personal-Finance When looking to trim food bills, there are two main avenues which restaurateurs can look in order to decrease costs. One is to evaluate your food costing to make sure it is inline with industry standards. A second is to use a consulting service to make sure all available food and beverage rebates are being taken advantage of. Every restaurant can benefit from proper food costing. Food costing is one of the most important elements for making your restaurant more profitable. Costing out your food enables you to have complete control over how much you spend on food and allows you to price your dishes for maximum profit, as well as good value to your customer. Food cost refers to the menu price of a certain dish in comparison to the cost of the food used to prepare that same dish. Generally, food cost should be around 30-35%. This means that if you pay $1.00 for something, you need to charge minimum of $3.34. Everything in your restaurant, from payroll to the electric bill needs to be covered by the food you serve. There are a number of ways you can analyze and optimize your food costs. First, you can do this manually, by thoroughly analyzing your food costs during a set period of time, usually a period of several weeks or a month. Your statistics should then be analyzed against restaurant industry average food costs to try and pinpoint areas of expense where your restaurant can improve. From there, you should have a detailed report of all food purchases that were made in your restaurant during the reporting period. You can then compare this to your food inventory costs for the same period. You’ll be able to calculate your total food cost and be able to make adjustments for inventory and food costs. A second way for restaurants to save money is to use a hospitality consulting firm, a company that specialists in finding factory rebates for restaurants. Independent restaurants generally pay more for their purchases than major chains which have the advantage of national account pricing. Independent restaurants can use a hospitality consulting service to negotiate with manufacturers to obtain significant factory rebates and volume discounts. You want to contact various consulting firms to see what vendors they have negotiated with in the past and if they have had any previous contact with your current vendor. If they have a relationship with your current vendor it can be an easy way to see some savings right away with out any supply chain interruptions. By utilizing proper food costing and consulting services to find factory rebates, independent restaurants can see a significant cost savings and improved profit margins across the board. About the Author: CJ Deans and his business partner Charlie have a combined 90 years of senior level experience in hospitality, hotel/casino management, food and beverage management, financial consulting, golf course operations and management, equipment leasing, purchase negotiations and banking. They currently run a successful consulting business catering to resorts, casinos, hotels, restaurants, and cruise ships. See what factory rebates CJ and Char Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: