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Computers-and-Technology If you’re still maintaining an old static brochure-style site, or trying to make waves with free blog sites coupled with extra-long sub domain names, then you better think twice if you want to make a difference, or even a dent, into this online world. Tens of millions of new blog posts are made monthly. Just imagine how much blogs, websites and other online portals are out there all grabbing everyone’s attention with something new. It would be wise to move to a better hosted site, great domain names and use the highly acclaimed blog software such as WordPress or Joomla to get your blog customized to your liking. But having a fully customized WordPress or Joomla site would not be enough to really make a difference and attract readers flocking to your site. You need to spice your blogs a notch higher with interesting plugins and interactive flash widgets (modules if you’re using Joomla) and take your viewership to the next level. Widgets are light, simple and yet effective applications that can hook your visitors and provide them a reason to stay. Why Use Widgets in the First Place? With millions of blogs out there, it would be vital to find ways to grab the attention of surfers, entice them to explore your site, and encourage them to come back for more — otherwise your blog will simply end up collecting virtual dust in the online world. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression from your visitors. Having few interactive flash widgets can help you get a truly memorable one the very first time they laid eyes on your site. Research have shown that one of the most important factor for website success is how effective a visitor can interact with the website, the webmaster and other users. The social media and Web 2.0 explosion was made possible due to the interactive elements that were made possible with dynamic websites and blogs. The use of basic text and graphics is no more sufficient to make a good impression for your website visitors. Online publishers need to take their website or blogs to the next level by embedding more interactive elements, thereby engaging the audiences and give them a new level of interactive experience they’ll never get from a static website or blog. Interactive flash plugins, or widgets can get your visitors involved in the site in some way, whether by producing an effect just by hovering or clicking their mouse cursor on the widget. These effects can vary depending on the purpose, tone and overall design style of your blog. These interactive widgets can provide information on mouse over, play music, streaming videos, games, or allow users to customize and make their visit as personalized as possible. There are a variety if interactive flash widgets available that features a whole array of functionality to suit different preference and taste. For example, flash photo slide shows for showcases photos and images without the need for users to click through each picture to make them move; animated talking heads that can ‘talk’ to your visitors using a customized greeting or script you want your first-time visitors to hear. Other widgets can let you play customizable video or audio files, or display an interactive calendars for upcoming events that your visitors can look forward to. You can also embed an interactive flash map to your blog for whatever geographical purposes you may have. These interactive flash widgets can be easily found online by web searching, and often allow you to download a free trial version for testing at no cost. If satisfied, you can purchase the fully functional version and be ready to take your blog — and your readers — to their next interactive online experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: