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Fashion-Style How to Dress Like a Hipster Fashion critics have likened hipsters of the 21st century to hippies of the 1960s: anti-establishment, pro-creativity and longing to separate themselves from the status quo mainstream culture. And while there’s no political cause like the Vietnam War uniting today’s hipsters — their focus seems mainly restricted to indie rock bands, vintage concert tees and beat-up Converse — it’s easy to see why young dudes and eager fashionistas with loads of attitude are captivated and inspired by the hipster movement. All it takes is one quick look around any urban indie coffee shop — the Bermuda Triangle of hipster culture — to see that as important as what you wear is how you wear it. Hip to Be Square What was once only a quirky trend among young bohemian artists living in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg has now become a fashion phenomenon, turning up on city streets, runways and red carpets alike, according to noted New York-based style and beauty expert Mary Alice Stephenson. Hipster style started with a few people mixing cool vintage pieces from their favorite heritage brands and dressing in a way that seemed anti-fashion, said Stephenson, who contributes regularly to "Vogue," "Allure" and "Harper’s Bazaar." People have been pulling inspiration from those original Brooklyn-based hipsters for years," she said. "Most recently, hipsters have broken into the limelight with help from fashion icons like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who embody hipster style on the red carpet and off, and singer Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, who stays true to her hipster self no matter the occasion. Other actresses, such as Emma Stone, glam it up on the red carpet but let the hipster vibe influence their day-to-day looks, Stephenson notes, adding that Stone can be spotted on days off sporting Converse sneakers, layers consisting of a sweatshirt with a leather jacket or vest, and a knitted beanie as she runs her usual daily errands. "It’s all about mixing in the laid-back, cool vibe that is synonymous with hipster," Stephenson said, "and it seems everyone’s caught on to the craze. Old is New Again Perfecting the sartorial art of layering is one key step toward achieving that hipster vibe, proffers Grasie Mercedes, fashion and style contributor for entertainment website and editor of fashion blog Style Me Grasie. Anything old or vintage is considered hipster, said Mercedes, who suggests trawling thrift and secondhand clothing stores for such non-negotiable hipster staples as high-waisted skinny jeans, soft boyfriend-style cardigans, and distressed-looking Converse sneakers (low-tops or high-tops). For a foolproof hipster outfit, pair cool vintage boots or funky 1950s-style men’s or women’s pointy flats with a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans. Top it off with a shrunken V-neck sweater from a thrift bin and a military-style jacket on top of that. And don’t forget thick dark-rimmed glasses." For Stephenson, the key is a mixture of old and new, such as a pair of secondhand corduroy cut-offs, two layered tees and a cashmere sweater. "Shake things up by mixing in some of the hipster favorites," Stephenson said. "Hipsters love heritage — retro, well-established labels — so layer vintage pieces from heritage brands like Pendelton, Doc Martin, Minnetonka and L.L. Bean with more high-fashion brands like Alexander Wang and Rag + Bone." For more mainstream hipster finds, brands like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel offer all things hipster all the time, according to Stephenson. "Many of the sought-after, hard-to-find (hipster) labels are collaborating with some of fashion’s most influential designers, brands and stores," she said. "J. Crew has been giving small hipster-owned brands a platform to bring their style designs to people everywhere." But dressing like a hipster, Mercedes points out, does have an expiration date. "It’s definitely a trend for your 20s and 30s," she said. "Thirty-nine should be your last hipster year." Chiffon Pleated dress $13 and free shipping ..buybuyseller../chiffon-pleated-dress-p-19965.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: