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Reference-and-Education Planning a reception for your wedding? Wedding Planner check! Wedding stage decor check! Guest list check! Most of these tasks can be easily accomplished in a months time. A wedding planner would check for all of these and give you options as to what and which services you can pick for your reception. What they cannot count on (even if you are planning your own wedding) is the food at the reception. Weddings are complicated to arrange; which is why most people prefer to hire wedding planners. They have a better idea of the selection of decorators and caterers available and will bring to you only the best. However when it comes to food, it is almost impossible to guarantee the quality from event to event. Moreover there is always a risk that a new server hired by a company can destroy the whole event by serving food incorrectly. This could lead to a case food poisoning for the crowd that attends, making your wedding a rather memorable event in the wrong sense. A simple solution to ensure that the caterer will deliver in the right manner is to look for a company that is certified. A certified catering company or a restaurant who hosts an event will have all its permits and certifications in place. All restaurants and caterers should have a food handlers permit in California. This permit applies to and certifies every person in the establishment who comes in contact with food. A food handlers certificate in California helps a student in two ways. Firstly, it educates the student by providing him or her with the necessary knowledge about the handling and storage of food. And secondly, it permits individuals to work anywhere in the food industry without getting held up by a food inspector upon inspection. Apart from the aforementioned, a food handler card in California also allows for peace of mind for the owners of businesses giving them an assurance that nothing will go wrong when it comes to the food being served. Today, getting a food handlers certification in California is easier thanks to companies like SafeWay Certifications which make the process of obtaining a certificate easier and a lot more convenient. They provide online certifications for government agencies; helping students get certified quickly by registering at their website and paying the $15 fee. This keeps the whole process simple allowing employees to get registered from home or their workplace. To know more about SafeWay Certifications, kindly visit them online at: http://www.californiafoodhandler.com About the Author: 相关的主题文章: