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Hearthstone legend this week: War and chaos wizard Dorothy alongside [Abstract] if you have ever experienced "the adventures of Cara Chan night" in epic, so this week you’ll be extra scuffle with. This week the scuffle will bring what kind of surprise? Let’s look at it! Carla Xan Lee hides many secrets, waiting for the warriors to explore and discover. To play tonight is Cara – green big battle like opera has the reputation in outside, every kind of story staged here, in this week’s scuffle – Green war, we will fight together with dorothy! The two sides each have a game player Dorothy, in the side of the entourage will be charged, while the other side was ridicule. Select ten cards, each card we will make three copies and a deck. Open the brain hole to find the strongest tactics once in "Cara like night" in the Opera House of the year should be a warrior, fighting with the witch’s dorothy. When we need to limit the number of rounds to defeat the evil witch, and this week in the scuffle, the output is over, we have to be vigilant against the threat of dorothy. On the one hand, we should consider how to use the Dorothy charge ability more damage, with Windfury minions (such as a werewolf) collocation can increase the attack power is attendant low fees (such as blessing, spell power cost) must be playing an opponent be taken by surprise. The use of a large number of low cost attendants, and gradually play to attack the frequency to win, but also very flexible means to win. But we must pay attention on his order, and if not close to Dorothy, will lose the ability to charge. On the other hand, to ensure their survival will be all very important theme this week. For all of us want to rely on the ability to charge as soon as possible to complete the killing of the environment, select a number of low cost functional entourage, reduce the frequency of attacks on the opponent will be a good choice. A similar stalker "abyss (the rush in the new service) Python" such followers, may let the opponent no force in critical situations, and to help their victory. Free card package is coming "Avatar hearthstone legend point the day and await for it every Thursday" scuffle mode will open a new adventure, as long as you can get the first win in the scuffle mode was classic card packs reward. Whether you want to start a new fast, still want to veteran rich collection, scuffle mode brings rewards are not to be missed. If your character is bursting, legendary card and Golden Legend cards are also very likely to be free of you into. As long as you come to the hearthstone Fuzion, will be able to experience the passion and joy of the hitherto unknown. Cara praised the opera the curtain has been opened, you can through the wizard battle test? Let’s gather at the hearthstone Hotel and enjoy a dramatic adventure!相关的主题文章: