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Have forgotten how Blizzard confirmed not heavy for "Warcraft" in the confirmation for the "Diablo 1", many netizens love Blizzard shoving the ancient times the "Warcraft 1" and the "Warcraft 2" to a HD remake. But the latest news shows that this desire is not realized. Today, Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce confirmed the news, which was confirmed during the blizzard Carnival 25 anniversary event to answer questions from fans. During the event, one of the fans asked Blizzard if there was a plan to remake the Warcraft 1 and the Warcraft 2. In this regard, Frank Pearce said, fortunately, we have in the past all Warcraft works source code and settings." Pearce explained. "But in fact, it’s hard to unlock those packages and get them running again. Because we are old, we have forgotten how to get." "We have some enthusiastic partners with this idea, to explore the" Warcraft 1 "settings and code. They let the game run again. I play a. "Warcraft 1" was cool at that time. I promise that, by today’s standards, this game is no longer fun." Frank Pearce said he was grateful for the passion of those games, but Blizzard believes that with the current look, the game even if the HD remake, playability is not high.相关的主题文章: