Hamburg will serve as a public driving test area to promote car networking pigeon blood

The city of Hamburg will be as popular automatic driving car networking test area to promote the German city of Hamburg with the Volkswagen Group intention in the next three years to develop innovative solutions to make the city traffic more environmentally friendly, safe and efficient. The Volkswagen Group, this cooperation will be another arrangement of the 2525 plan, and in Hamburg, this is an important step for the construction of intelligent transportation system and its support for the 2021 World Congress on intelligent transport towards the. In order to improve air quality and achieve zero discharge of traffic layout, the German city traffic company Hamburg-Holstein and Hamburger Hochbahn last month with Volkswagen’s MAN company reached a cooperation agreement to strengthen cooperation in the field of all electric buses. At the same time, the Volkswagen Group and Hamburg also reached a program called "the wisdom of my life" project. Under the project, the Volkswagen Group will launch a variety of areas, including shared traffic, micro traffic, car communities, new urban traffic algorithms, including Hamburg pilot projects in the region. The German government will be the city of Hamburg as the administrative promotion of automatic driving test, and has already started in the area of a network of intelligent vehicle project. Volkswagen Group and Hamburg are pushing for this cooperation plan. Other projects will be launched in the coming months.相关的主题文章: